What are the Top Relaxing Things You Can Do on a Beach Vacation?

By whisperingseas

April 8, 2021


What are the Top Relaxing Things You Can Do on a Beach Vacation?

When you are working for months in your office without taking a break, the only comforting thought that comes to mind is vacation. Sitting before the desktop, the most common place where we think to rejuvenate our mind and body is none other than the beach. However, it is also true that once the kids have visited the beach many times, they tend to hesitate going on beach vacations. So if you are worried whether your kids will find it boring on a beach vacation, here are the top things you can do to make your beach trip full of thrill and excitement.

 Build a Sandcastle

You may have seen others building a sandcastle or in the movies, yet you have never thought of doing it with your little kids. Building sandcastles at the seashore is truly exciting particularly when the children take great interest in it too. In order to build a sandcastle, no special tools are required. All you need is sand, water, and your hands are enough to make beautiful castles that will etch beautiful moments in your memory. Also, make sure to build a deep moat around your castles so that it stays protected from the rising tides that melts it with a single wave. It is the best way to spend a family holiday at Whispering Seas in Inverloch, on the Bass Coast in Victoria.

Cast a Line

Fishing is another way of having a great time on the beaches. If you have never done it, then maybe this is the right time to pick up a new hobby that your kids may find interesting. There are also fishing tours that you need to book before arriving at the location. It is the best way to learn your fishing skills,  plus  fish at the popular fishing spots. The Anderson Inlet fishing club at Inverloch beckons. Don’t worry because they provide all the guidelines so that you can catch a fish without much waiting. There is also an annual fishing competition at Anderson Inlet, with tagged fish worth $$$ if caught as prize money.

Collect Seashells

Another thrilling activity along the seashore is collecting seashells. People who have this habit of collecting seashells often find unique shells, which are nothing less than a rare catch. It is a no-brainer activity, and all you need is a container to collect the shells. It can be a cup, pail, or bag, but make sure to collect dead shells only because it is illegal in many places to collect live shells. Low tide is a good time to collect shells, particularly near rock platforms.  You can also make shell collecting fun by buying a book on seashells and finding the names of shells you have found. There is a shell museum at Inverloch with a vast collection of shells from around the world.

Play a Game

Even though playing games on the sea beach is very common, many people cannot convince themselves to stretch their legs on vacation. However, it is a great way to spend time if you are feeling bored on vacation. Games like beach cricket, volleyball, Frisbee, or a game of catch are some great ways to spend some quality time with your friends or family members.

Finally, never forget to catch the sunrise or sunsets on a beach because it is one of the beautiful moments that one can experience during a beach vacation. Make sure that you have a camera with you to capture those beautiful landscape shots that Inverloch is reknown for, where the storms of the Southern Ocean, meet Anderson Inlet and the rugged Bass Coast. The blues and greens give way to red and crimson during sunsets and sunrises overlooking Venus Bay at Inverloch.

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