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May 3, 2022


A Guideline to Playing Golf During Your Next Holiday at Inverloch

It is not surprising to know that Inverloch is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Bass Coast, located 1.5 hours’ drive south of Melbourne. From seaside and underwater activities to luxurious dining experiences, it is clear that Inverloch has a lot to offer to welcome its guests. However, the vineyards and golf courses near Inverloch are truly something special owing to its breathtaking views and highly convenient, easy-to-use facilities.

The relevance of location

Golf is one of the only sports that is not played on a standardized playing surface. This means that assuming you can play gold anywhere. However, there is a certain unique feeling when you play golf in exotic and unique locations. Seeing that it depends on the terrain where it is played, the location is a factor in determining the quality of the game. Furthermore, due to the game not being fast-paced, it allows the players to view the terrain interact with the wildlife e.g. kangaroos and koalas and adjust their game accordingly. This affords a lot of leisure time to appreciate your surroundings.

Structure of a golf course

A golf course comprises 9 or 18 holes. First, the game starts on a teeing ground and finishes when the golfer gets his ball into the hole that is cut into the ground on the green or putting surface. The presence of a flagstick allows you to quickly locate the hole.

Each individual hole has a par of 3, 4, or 5, although there are a few rare exceptions to this rule. For example, with a “par-four” or a longer “par-five” hole, the players will aim to hit the fairway with their first shot prior to attempting to reach the green with their following strokes. On a “par-three”, a player will attempt to strike the ball directly from the teeing ground onto the green.

The staff that are responsible for the care of the golf course include highly trained individuals that are responsible for the facilities’ prime assets. The required skill set to care for a course is quite extensive, thereby covering many disciplines.

These different heights of grass are cut between the teeing ground and green, increasing the difficulty and punishing bad shots. The tee, in particular, provides a level stance and closely mown grass, allowing the golfer to have every chance to make a decent attempt for the first stroke at each hole. The green is always the area most closely mown, creating a smooth surface suitable for putting.

Urban Versus Resort Setting

Typical urban golf courses are about 110–120 acres, while courses in resort areas maybe 170–190 acres.

Rough Area

These rough areas, on most golf courses, take up about 60% of the total space of courses, including all out-of-play areas and hazards—the average size needed being 66.8 acres.


About 29% of a golf course is dedicated to the fairway.

Driving Range

The driving range on most of these courses takes up about 6% of the total space, requiring an average of 7.1 acres. Not all these courses have a driving range. Assuming the space is limited, the driving range may not always be an option.

Tees and Greens

It is one of the vital parts of golf courses—the tees and greens take up about 5% of the total space. On average, these particular areas require about 6 acres.

At Whispering Seas – Inverloch, we provide you with an overall relaxing atmosphere to allow you to rest and recharge as much as you need. Both vineyards and golf courses are located about 15 minutes away. Harman Wines offers woodfired pizzas on weekends and the Devils Dam par 3 golf course is 10 minutes away from Whispering Seas.

Our blend of relaxing accommodation facilities and engaging activities aims to lead to an enriching holiday experience. Book your trip by visiting us on our website

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March 15, 2021


Everything You Have to Know for Choosing the Ideal Beach Front Rental Accommodation

So you are planning a beach vacation with your close ones but confused about choosing the ideal accommodation that will give the best experience and the activities. It needs to be understood that all holiday rentals are not the same. Hence, to help you make the right selection, check the facts given below before arriving at an informative conclusion.

Find a Room with a View

It   feels good if you can book beach front accommodation, preferably within walking distance of a patrolled beach and a surf club that provides coffee and wine for the daily sundowner. Whispering Seas is located across the road, opposite the surf club, with ocean glimpse through the frontal trees. At night the sound of waves lapping the shore line is a soothing experience, as the sea breeze passes through open bedroom windows.

Beachfront accommodation provides the best view of the world, the beach, and the ocean. So when you want a relaxing view and listen to the ocean waves, select beachfront accommodation. Many family groups select accommodation a long walk from the beach, and often have to drive the last kilometre to the beach. Whispering Seas is beach front, simply walk across Surf Parade and jump into the rolling waves.

The Family Inspired Amenities

In the case of in-room amenities, there are several options to choose from. Complimentary WiFi, is a must for many families. At Whispering Seas there is a TV in every bedroom and reverse cycle air-conditioning. Chromecast is supplied, so watch your favourite series on Netflix.

Furthermore, many holiday accommodation rentals have easy access to vineyards/wineries and golf courses near Inverloch, which is quite an attraction for those who love to play golf when they are in vacation mode. At the same time, you would want to make sure accommodation is kid safe and friendly, since you may be taking your children on tour. Whispering Seas has been specifically setup to be kid-safe with a fully fenced property, high lockable double front gates and safety gates for the internal and rear stairs. Whispering Seas is kid friendly with several dedicated in-door and out-door zones for the kids to play in, with many toys, trikes, bikes and scooters available, plus dartboard, foozball, pool and ping pong tables available in the detached games room.

Easy Access to Dining and Shopping

It is natural that we most like to shop for souvenirs, memorabilia and other necessities whenever we are out traveling. So you would want accommodation that is near to a shopping mall or shops so that you can buy things according to your desires. Whispering Seas   is situated near a scenic, ocean front cycleway which takes you into town 5kms away. The boardwalk is an added entertainment for the family which takes you to a well-equipped family friendly park with BBQ facilities that the whole family can enjoy. Weekend markets at Inverloch with live music in the sound shell are extremely popular.

Select Accommodation that Offers Sports-related Activities

Over time, the quality of rental accommodation and the facilities and services have significantly evolved to a great degree. Like as said before, Whispering Seas has access to golf courses and wineries, with a detached games room containing pool, ping pong and foozball tables, fishing rods, bicycles, boogie boards, trikes, scooters and bikes, plus wet suits and beach boogie boards and more. There are also places for little and big kids, where they can stay happy with different entertaining activities. Board games for all age groups are provided.

Ecofriendly Hotel

In contemporary times, a big concern for several people who care for the environment is choosing accommodation that follows sustainable energy efficient practices. Make sure to travel GREEN, by staying at eco-friendly beach front accommodation. Whispering Seas is powered by 25 roof top solar panels and two large heat pumps provide +500litres hot water using 80% less energy than a normal electric hot water system. This is backed up by a natural gas booster, so as to ensure the hot water temperature remains at a safe non-scalding 55 degrees centigrade. It can signify more than providing organic food choices in the dining area.

Overall, choosing the right accommodation is a significant part of planning the best beach vacation. There are several   beach front accommodation rentals in Inverloch, but you need to remember the factors given above to make the right choice for your needs. The necessary condition to choosing your accommodation is to ensure that it meets your travel requirements. Whispering Seas is located 1.5 hours from Melbourne by a quick drive down the Monash Freeway and Gippsland Highway to Inverloch. Alternatively, a scenic leisurely route can be taken via the windy mountain roads from Grantville. Importantly the venue ought to comfortably accommodate all members of your family reunion. Whispering Seas is unique in that it comfortably accommodates upto 15 guests on the beach front, opposite the Inverloch Surf Club House, where there are safety flags and life guards on patrol during the summer months. This surf club has a deck overlooking the beach, where wines, beer and coffee are served to those enjoying a sundowner.

Also, it is essential to check the reviews and ratings before selecting your accommodation. Whispering Seas quickly achieved super host status with Air BNB and has a 5 star rating, with many highly positive reviews, with guests rebooking their next getaway before departure, a year in advance!

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