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May 3, 2022


Why Inverloch Is the Best Place for Rewind and Refresh Your Mind

Do you want to enjoy the beach holiday? Want to get the feeling of the sea breeze blowing through your hair and over your face, seawater swirling between your feet and your toes digging in the sand? Yes, I do!

Then beachfront holidays are begging you to enjoy the water playground at Inverloch, where many enjoyable times and memories are experienced. So, when you get a chance to enjoy both the beach and tasty food at the beachfront restaurants, you will get that vibe in you. These places are good for savoring mouth-watering seafood, but they are also good for enjoying different activities like surfing, fishing, golf and wine tasting at the local vineyards. The beach holidays are great for relaxing, unwinding the mind and refreshing the soul. So, choosing the perfect holiday accommodation is crucial if you want to revive your mind and soul.

Top Reasons Why Visiting Beach Front Accommodation Is a Good Option?

  • Mental Wellbeing 

Spending time near the water will feed your soul. The massive view that the ocean water will offer you, also called the “blue space” by some travel enthusiasts, will relax the mind. If you sit for hours at the beachfront, you will feel good and stress-free, and all your tension will melt away and disappear. All the problems you are having in your life will fade away, and you will eventually find peace. This is the reason why you will need to have a beach holiday.

  • Nurturing The Local Community and Local Sea Food

One of the most obvious reasons to enjoy a beachfront vacation is to nurture the local community and taste local food. If you love to eat local seafood, visiting a beachfront holiday destination is best. Most of them have a restaurant where you can enjoy the delicious seafood of your desire. In addition, you can visit locations like Whispering Seas – Inverloch, where there are plenty of restaurants nearby serving the best dishes to the tourists.

  • Enjoying Fresh Air

In the current days, most of the work is confined behind closed doors and in front of the computer. There is no such connection with the open fresh air you will get when you visit a tourist spot. You will enjoy the fresh air that will touch your face at any beachfront destination, and the cool waters will wash your feet. You can spend long hours sitting near the beach where you can feel the breeze. The feeling is just surreal!

  • Rest for A Few Days, and Enjoy

If you are tired of the long work hours and want a gateway with your close ones and friends, visiting the beach destination is the best. So you can get plenty of time to enjoy yourself with your kids and loved ones. At least imagine a break of 2-3 days within your busy schedule will bring the happiness that you have been looking for many months.

Along with these, when you are visiting a beachfront destination, you are getting the chance to do several activities like surfing, fishing, collecting seashells and cycling along the foreshore using the dedicated cycleway from Whispering Seas to the town centre, where you can enjoy a coffee from the many cafes available.  lots more that will help you indulge in the place.

Whispering Seas – Inverloch is one of the best beachfront rentals located 1.5hrs drive from Melbourne, which provides ultimate fun and enjoyment for up to 15 guests and is most popular for family reunions and holidays all year round. Spacious accommodation and a large games room caters for all the needs of guests from toddlers to grandparents.

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April 19, 2022


Extensive Boating And Fishing Facilities At Inverloch

It is amazing how beautiful some places on earth are, untouched by man’s meddling hands and developmental incursions. Nature in itself has nothing to explain about itself except to showcase its authenticity in the literal sense without holding anything back. Inverloch is a prime example of the above mentioned concept, priding itself on providing a scenic spot that forms a haven for individuals and groups of people to rest, relax, and distance themselves from the humdrum of day-to-day life.

Surfing, boating, and fishing in Inverloch are just some of the recommended activities,

accompanied by numerous opportunities to dine out and engage in some fun water activities. Inverloch is a water playground for young and old.


Whether it is taking the boat out on a treasure-filled cruise through the Anderson Inlet or fishing from the shore, Inverloch showcases its versatility for anglers of all levels. Inverloch is an exciting seaside resort in Victoria’s Gippsland region, boasting of an enviable location that is spotted at the mouth of the Anderson Inlet in Venus Bay. The town proceeds to provide a relaxing vibe, ensuring that it is the perfect place to dangle a line when you do not own your own vessel. Additionally, boat hire and fishing charters are available. It is thus possible to land a catch from the shore in and around the inlet; however, success largely depends on favorable tides.

Fishing at the Screw Creek is another rewarding option—bream and estuary perch are the leading varieties to catch here. The Inverloch Jetty is a hive of activity and well-suited for families and inexperienced anglers. Pipis and squid are the most commonly preferred baits here.

The Anderson Inlet provides an excellent environment for trevally, pinkie snapper, flathead, mullet, tailor, salmon, whiting, bream, estuary perch, mulloway, gummy shark, and elephant fish. Along Mahers Landing and Doyles Road are natural bait grounds of Bass Yabbies and tubeworm, which can be pumped for recreational fishing. The Tarwin River then produces mullet, trevally, and tommy rough on the moving tide. Venus Bay Surf Beach—one of the last remaining pipi colonies in Victoria—is the perfect place to observe the hole and gutter formations on the 25-km stretch of beach, which is crucial to getting the best results from beach fishing.


The winter months are spectators to sensational sport fishing for Australian salmon with schools of fish weighing up to 3 kg. In addition, 7-gill sharks, Gummy sharks, and other varieties of bottom feeders come to feed on sand crabs at night.

There are four boat launching facilities for Anderson Inlet. Thus, at the Inverloch boat ramp, larger boats are advised to enter from the Esplanade entry. Additionally, the Mahers Landing provides good access; however, it does require a person to hold the boat while parking the car and boat trailer. The Fishermans Jetty Venus Bay boats till 14 feet can comfortably access the inlet for 2 hours on either side of the tide. Additionally, the Tarwin River boat ramp is best for 4 hours on either side of the high tide. However, access to the inlet can be limited to 2 hours on either side of the high tide.

At Whispering Seas, we ensure to provide a well-equipped, relaxing atmosphere where you and your family can relax and take time off your busy schedule and just have a good time. Inverloch is a beautiful place, and we provide all the amenities necessary for you to have an amazing time during your stay. Contact us now to make your booking!!

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