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April 29, 2022


How to Pick Best Kid-Friendly Accommodation Rentals for Next Trip?

Are you planning to travel with your kids on your next vacation? Oh, It’s great! Going for a trip with family members and kids is something that everyone wants. Moreover, when taking your kids, you are giving them extra time playing and eating together.

Due to the busy schedule, it becomes too difficult for the parents to spend time with kids, and they plan to go on a vacation where they can have a great time together. Inverloch is one of the best places for families and every year, several thousands of tourists come to this place.

As per my suggestion, you should visit Inverloch as it hosts some of the best activities that all family members will enjoy. Starting from snorkelling and fishing to just strolling around the city, every team member will have a memorable experience. Furthermore, as it is a family-friendly location, there are many kid-friendly accommodations in Inverloch, close to the beach and affordable.

 How to Pick Best Family-Friendly Rental For Your Vacation

There are a few considerations to remember while choosing the best accommodation rental that is perfect for kids and families. So, let’s have a look-

  • Choosing The Location

As said before, there are many accommodation facilities in Inverloch for families, but which one is the best located? As you are going on a beach holiday, be sure that you pick the one closest to the ocean. One such example of an accommodation rental perfect for families is Whispering Seas. It is just near to the beach. The guests can easily go to the beach across the road and enjoy the activities, and it is an excellent place to spend a vacation. This resort is great for family reunions, corporate events, club outings, and wellness retreats, Apart from the family trips.

  • Facilities That Make Your Stay Comfortable 

The location and the accommodation facilities should also be considered when you are choosing the same. For example, accommodation should have Wi-Fi, pool tables, Ping pong tables, game rooms, foosball, dartboard, and bar. It should also have televisions with DSD players that give entertainment to the guests when they are in rooms; the resort should have bicycles, boogie boards and fishing rods.

For example, Whispering Seas has all those facilities to make your stay memorable and worthwhile. You can enjoy the multiple outdoor entertaining areas, AC and heating in every room, fully fenced and secure premises, and flexible bedding arrangements.

  • The Rooms to Choose

The rooms you choose should depend upon the number of people going on vacation. For most vacation rentals, the entire house is being rented when the group is large. But, if you are going in small groups, you can check out the rooms that are well decorated and have great amenities making your stay comfortable.

Whispering Seas Beach Front Rental is situated on Surf Parade, and due to this location, most travellers love to visit. This place is idle for coastal vacations, and one of the best places for family get together and yoga groups.

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March 22, 2022


What Makes A Hotel Truly Kid Friendly In Inverloch?

A vacation is incomplete without a nice place to stay put after all those tiresome roaming sessions. Once you are clear on the destination, it is time to pick a nice and comfy venue best suited to you and your kids’ requirements.

What makes a child-friendly accommodation truly special? It is the simple things that matter. The worst nightmare for a family is looking for suitable kid friendly accommodation in Inverloch. While finding a kid-friendly holiday rental is a challenging endeavour, this is where all the fun begins! Good news for family travellers with kids. This informative guide will reveal some tips on choosing a hotel that lives up to the expectations of a family.

A centrally located place will do the trick

A venue close to the attractions you might be visiting and public transportation should be on your priority list.

A good family-friendly venue would feature amenities like a refrigerator or a minibar that can be cleaned out to store snacks & breakfast items, an in-room microwave & espresso maker to let you warm up snacks, or oatmeal for breakfast.

A babysitting service would be nice, especially if you plan to go out without the kids. Make sure that you call the venue in advance to reserve.

Expert tip:

 A suite is an excellent bet for families with kids, but they are often expensive if not booked in advance. However, it is worth asking whether any are available when you check-in.

Something at check-in for kids:

Coloured pencils, colouring books, beach balls, & toys, stuffed animals are what kids love. So when your kids get something at check-in, not only does it give them something to occupy themselves with, it also makes them feel welcome, giving them a connection to the holiday venue.

Additions at family-friendly luxury venues may include baby-proofing, milk at bedtime, step-stools in the bathroom, and even a diaper genie. If these items are important to you, let the owners know before arriving with a young child.

Kid-friendly venues go above and beyond to accommodate families with children. This allows you to have a fantastic vacation with your children without having to feel like they are burdening you.

It will be great if you did a little digging to find a holiday venue that will be this kid-friendly because when you do, you will experience a whole different trip.

Let Whispering Seas – Inverloch make your life easier as you take a family trip to Inverloch with the kids. Consider a family reunion or a couple of families as Whispering Seas accommodates up to 15 guests. Visit our website to learn what is in it for you and your little ones.

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October 6, 2021


Your Vacation can be Ruined if You do not Actively Look for Kid Friendly Accommodation in Inverloch

While thinking about a family vacation, people tend to consider several questions but often forget to ask the most crucial of the lot. For example, they fail to ask how many kids will accompany their parents during the trip and their preferences. Of course, you cannot and should not priorities only the kids’ choices and preferences, but that does not mean you should not give them any importance whatsoever. If you feel confused about the matter and are thinking about managing everything carefully, it is better to begin with something familiar, such as kid friendly accommodation in Inverloch

The importance of finding kid-friendly accommodations 

You should always find kid friendly accommodation, and the process should begin immediately after selecting the destination. You need to be sure about the destination first because only after you can make the necessary enquiries to find suitable accommodation and book it. There are various accommodations available in a place known as a tourist attraction, and not all of them will be perfect for kids. You have to consider this point and be prepared for the same. If you are not sure about the need for such specific accommodation during your vacation, it is vital to be aware of a few points. 

Knowing about the decision in detail and its implications 

For example, you need to know that a kid-friendly place is not just perfect for kids to stay and enjoy the standard amenities. However, such places are prepared for taking care of kids and keeping them entertained. Yes, both the facilities are not available everywhere, but in most cases, the tag means such facilities. Booking such a place will mean that you won’t have to worry about your kids getting into some danger of hurting themselves. Though, this does not mean that you can let your children roam around without supervision. It just takes away a considerable amount of stress and worries you will have for making the vacation enjoyable for kids.

The various worries and requirements of a parent 

People who are yet to become parents may not realize this. However, there are various things and situations one encounters in everyday life that can be potentially harmful to a kid. For instance, if you are visiting the beach in Inverloch and want to go fishing, you can rent a few fishing rods and begin to enjoy yourselves. However, if you do not have kids in your group, you will only rent fishing rods suitable for adults. If there are children, you have to look for options that will be perfect for the children. Seemingly there are no issues in letting a child use an adult-sized fishing rod, but the potential for harm is enormous. 

Taking some steps to make things simpler 

Planning for a vacation is not a simple task; there are various aspects and details you need to take care of; adding the responsibility of making the occasion enjoyable for everyone only adds to the pile. Moreover, you also have to consider that the kids accompanying you for a holiday will not be of the same age. This means their area of interest will be different too. Therefore, it is not possible to always prepare for all of them and carry the necessary items along. It is also tough to entertain all of them all the time and retain peace. Therefore, it will be wise to book a place that can handle this requirement for you. 

An option that will help your quest 

If you are interested in knowing more about this matter or booking accommodation that will keep your kids entertained and involved during the vacation and take away your worries, please get in touch with Whispering Seas. They will be able to help you in this matter and make your holiday more enjoyable than ever before. 

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February 17, 2020


5 Things You Should Never Do on Your Beach Vacation

Are you going on a beach vacation with your family recently? Have you planned everything or decided on the location where you will go? If you have not selected the location yet, I must say that you can visit Inverloch, one of the top most popular beach destinations in Victoria. It offers the tourists a pleasant scenic beauty of the surrounding locations.

This destination harbours some of the unique sightseeing places that attract travellers from around the world. Whispering Seas, a popular kid-friendly accommodation in Inverloch offers mind-blowing accommodation option for families.

But if you are going with your family, some of the activities at the beach you should avoid or else you can face lots of problems. Read the blog below to know about the activities that you should avoid while you are on a beach vacation:

Don’t Play In the Crowd

When you are going for a beach vacation, you might like playing games like Frisbee and volleyball, but try to avoid playing in the crowd. If you are someone who likes to stay alone or want to enjoy a few people around you, it is better to avoid excessive gathering. Keep your games away from the high-density areas where others are lounging. If you want to enjoy relaxation and comfort, you can enjoy sunbathing or stay at your beachfront resort and enjoy the view of the sea with your close ones.

Do Not Smoke

One of the things that you should avoid when going on a beach vacation with your family members is that you should avoid smoking. The world might be your oyster, but the beach is not the ashtray. Not only cool breezy air be fulfilled with the harmful gases, but the cigarette butts are harmful to the environment. The cigarettes are non-biodegradable and lead to toxic chemicals in the atmosphere. This is the reason why most of the beaches have made the ‘no smoking’ zone or have banned the use of cigarettes.

Do Not Ignore the Local Customs

One you should remember while you are going for the beach vacation is that every beach destination has certain customs and rules. While you are on a beach holiday, it is better not to ignore the local customs. Some countries have nude beaches where some countries have strict rules against it. So, it better to have an idea about the local rules and customs before you are going on vacation.

Do Not Leave the Trash Behind

A sense of etiquette is obvious here. It is better not to throw the thrash here and there when you are at the beach. Careless exposal of the trash is harmful to the environment and can affect both the water and sand. Not all the beaches have trash bins; hence, it is better not to throw the garbage at the beach. It is better to carry the plastic bags with you to keep the trash particles in it.

These are 5 activities you should never do at the beach. If you are planning for a beach holiday in Victoria, you should choose a popular Beach House at Inverloch like Whispering Seas that offer lifetime experiences to the tourists, which can be added to the memory treasure box.

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