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April 26, 2022


Major Advantages of Staying at Beach Rentals During a Vacation?

Everyone wants to stay in the beach house at least once in a lifetime. Many people own a beach house; they cannot stay there due to their busy schedules. The beach houses are the best places for spending a romantic and family vacation near the beach. The Beach house is close to the beach, giving you a full or partial view of the ocean and allowing the tourists to stay at these accommodations.

These days, beach houses or beach rentals have gained popularity among tourists. These accommodations have all the amenities to make your stay comfortable, luxurious and memorable. Even the safety and security measures taken at these beach rentals are also great compared to the traditional hotels.

For example, if you are seeking for a family holiday accommodation in Inverloch, you can choose Whispering Seas, one of the best accommodation rentals near the beach.

Why You Should Always Look for Beach Houses to spend a vacation?

There are various reasons why most travellers who come to beach destinations choose beach houses or beach resorts rather than going for the normal hotels. You might be thinking, why? The reasons are as follows-

  • Give A Better View of Ocean or Water Front


As you are going on vacation, you will like to stay near the beach and get a view from rooms or balconies. When choosing the beach house or rental, you will get the best ocean views that will give you pleasure in mind and relaxation. Most of the beach rentals in Inverloch are located in the best position giving satisfaction to the tourists in terms of views and amenities.

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  • Provide The Total Privacy

One of the best things you will get in the beach rentals is privacy which is quite less in hotels. In the latter one, there are so many types of tourists who come and stay at a single time. So naturally, this makes them uncomfortable, and there is a situation of chaos all around. But, the beach rentals are smaller in size and has fewer rooms than hotels. In addition, only 1-2 families are allowed, which increases the privacy factor. Apart from these, there are separate rooms for kids with games where they can play and enjoy themselves at the accommodation rentals.

  • Worth to Spend Money in Terms of Amenities

Though the rental price is less in the beach houses, the amenities are classy. Whether you want to have Wi-Fi in the rooms, an Air conditioner or a heater, you will get everything in the beach rentals. There are so many other facilities as well to enjoy.

If you plan to visit Inverloch, the best accommodation to choose is Whispering Seas. It is located near to the ocean and provides the best views. All the beds are made before the arrival of guests to make entry seamless. All linens are provided, there are flexible Check-in and Check-Out times. The travellers can also enjoy catering services and pre-cooked meals and in-kitchen staff present.

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February 14, 2020


Enjoy the Perfect Get Away with Your Family at Whispering Seas

The Inverloch Surf Club is just a few steps away from the beachfront Whispering Seas accommodation. Our family retreat provides the best beachfront accommodation for up to 15 guests and is ideal for family reunions. The location of Whispering Seas gives you the opportunity to explore Inverloch and the surrounding area from Cape Paterson to Wilsons Promontory. Look no further than our family holiday accommodation and its facilities for your perfect getaway, with your friends or family.

At Whispering Seas, you can enjoy unparalleled guest facilities at your leisure, while you relax at our beachfront retreat. It’s the best way to unwind and refresh your mind. If you are coming with kids, they can experience a great holiday as they can play lots of games in the dedicated games room. With the outstanding coastal landscape and scenery, Whispering Seas is the perfect choice for the holiday goers, who want to have a relaxing and luxurious holiday near the beach.

The Location of this Beachfront Accommodation

Whispering Seas is situated at Inverloch, Victoria on the southern coastline, mid-way between Philip Island and Wilsons Promontory. You can access this holiday accommodation by a scenic drive along the South Gippsland Highway towards Philip Island, then via historic coal mining town of Wonthaggi. The journey just takes about 1.5 hours from Melbourne CBD. On the return trip to Melbourne consider exploring the lush scenic hilly hinterland via Koorumburra.

While coming to this holiday retreat, you can visit the cheese factory, art galleries, wineries, underground coal mine tour at Wonthaggi, scenic rugged coastline of Cape Paterson, the coastal pinnacle of Eagles Nest and other tourist attractions.

Top Activities to Do At Whispering Seas

If you are planning to visit this accommodation facility, you can enjoy some of the topmost activities that will be liked by all. The activities to enjoy here includes;


Explore the entire three-kilometre long beachfront from Whispering Seas to Inverloch by bicycle, along a dedicated cycleway. Cycling is one of the best ways to discover the surrounding area and you may see a koala or two, a kangaroo, even an echidna along the way.


Residing near the beach will provide you with the opportunity to catch fish from the beach or the Inverloch jetty, which is a popular family-friendly venue for fishing. Fishing rods are provided for guests at Whispering Seas. If you love eating fish, it is the best activity you can do with your friends.

Playing Golf

Enjoy playing golf with your friends at this family holiday accommodation in Inverloch. Two local golf courses are located a short distance from Inverloch.

Visiting Local Wineries

While staying at this beachfront retreat, you can visit one of many local wineries in the area. At Harman, Wines enjoy a selection of wines, with delicious wood-fired pizza and live music overlooking the green lush Gippsland landscape.

Water Sports

Inverloch is unique in that it offers the choice of either tranquil inlet-estuary waters for swimming or the surfing beach in front of the Surf Club House. A local surf school at Inverloch teaches activities like board riding, windsurfing and kite surfing.  During the summer months, the family-friendly surf beach is patrolled by Life Savers, swim between the flags. Enjoy a scenic sundowner or coffee on the deck of the Surf Club, whilst watching families play beach cricket.

Shipwreck Hunting

The remains of the 1863 shipwreck of the Amazon can be seen at low tide on the beach about 300m west of Whispering Seas. It’s possible to find artefacts from the wreck washing ashore at any time.

Shell Collecting

An amazing assortment of shells wash ashore and at low tide, there is much enjoyment to be had by all collecting bucket loads of shells.

Dinosaur Hunting

At low tide the rock platforms near Eagles Nest – Cape Paterson are known to contain dinosaur footprints. This location is about 2 km from Whispering Seas and conducted tours are available.

Whispering Seas is one of the most preferred accommodation facilities in Victoria, Australia. You can experience a most memorable stay at this beachfront retreat with your family and kids. Guests have come from as far away as England and New Zealand for family reunions. Others have travelled from Canberra and many from Melbourne.

The venue could also be considered for corporate retreats, a girls getaway, golf buddies, fishing groups.

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