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October 1, 2021


The Mistakes You Should Avoid While Selecting a Family Holiday Accommodation in Inverloch

Arranging a holiday, whether for the extended family or the immediate one, is not easy. There are so many aspects and details you need to cover, that things become confusing at times. Moreover, in your hurry to plan the best family holiday ever, you may end up making multiple mistakes, which can ruin the plans. In short, without meticulous planning and checking every step numerous times, you may end up having less than a satisfactory vacation. Hence, you have to be careful and consider all the factors carefully before deciding on something. The first step will be selecting the destination. The next one is choosing the perfect family holiday accommodation in Inverloch.

Knowing About Inverloch and What it Has to Offer

If you have never been to Inverloch, Victoria, it will be nice to know that it is one of the most beautiful places on earth and perfect for a family vacation. Where the Tarwin River flows into Anderson Inlet, Venus Bay on the Bass Coast. Where the rolling green picturesque hills of Southern Gippsland flank the Southern Ocean, with rocky, rugged headlands and numerous secluded beaches.

Whether you are visiting for an extended weekend or a short midweek time away, or a proper holiday, Inverloch is ideal in every scenario. Inverloch is just a couple of hours drive from Melbourne; this place offers azure seas, golden sand and a tranquil environment for the visitors. It’s a water playground, with secluded beaches nestled into the rugged coast line.  Life here is laid back and the people are unhurried. The chance to live amongst such beauty has given people an entirely different attitude and perspective on life. You can be a part of this idyllic and quaint life style for a few days. Enjoy the colorful sunsets and sunrises and experience all the moods associated with the Southern Ocean, from tranquil fun loving waves to white capped rolling surf, which board rider hunger for.

The Mistakes You Should Avoid at Any Cost 

While planning for the family holiday to Inverloch, or any other destination for that matter, you should remember to handle your responsibility carefully. There are certain mistakes you cannot make, especially if the holiday is to become successful. The points you need to remember and avoid are:

You should never select and decide on a destination and vacation package without doing due diligence and gathering as much information on the place as possible. Travel time to destination, traffic jams experienced to popular destinations, serenity and tranquility of the destination.

Whispering Seas – Inverloch is on the Bass Coast about 1.5 hours from Melbourne CBD, down the Monash freeway and then Gippsland Hwy, avoiding the traffic jams to Philip Island. So you can drive to Inverloch after work on Friday, settle-in and enjoy the weekend.

Whispering Seas is ideally suited for family reunions, comfortably accommodating up to 15 guests, of all age groups. Grandparents have access to the downstairs Queen bedroom, with shower and toilet facilities which include stability rails for ease of access.

As you will be planning a family reunion or holiday, you should never take the activities lightly. You can either plan for different activities for different groups of people or one suitable for everyone. You should never select an activity that can make one group feel uncomfortable or uninterested.

Activities at Whispering Seas abound. Chillax on the balcony with a good book and wine or cycle to the Inverloch town center 3 kms away along a popular cycle way, and enjoy a coffee and lunch at any of the numerous eateries.

Whispering Seas is located on the beach front, opposite the Inverloch Surf Club. Consider walking across the road to the family friendly beach, for a swim or stroll along the beach, hunting seashells.

While considering entertainment and enjoyment for the whole family, you have to ensure that there is a separate section of the teenagers. If there isn’t one, you will have to consider more issues than initially thought.

Whispering Seas has a kid’s zone, which is undercover on the rear patio, plus a downstairs lounge/family room suitable for kids to play. Older kids have access to a detached games room with darts, pool, ping pong and fooz ball table.  Trikes and bikes, fishing rods and boogie boards are provided. There are 9 TVs throughout the house, two of which have unlimited access to Netflix. The upstairs lounge is a parental retreat, with external balconies front and rear, with ample seating, most suitable for sundowners.

Not checking safety measures and childproofing measures of the accommodation will be another mistake you should avoid. As a family, your group will have both old and young people. It won’t make sense to stay in separate accommodations while on vacation. Doing so will take away most of the fun from your quality time with family. Hence, you will have to look for a place to house all of you without any complications. Not doing so will be a mistake.

Whispering Seas provides a fully secure fencing and double gates to ensure young children don’t stray outside the property. Child proof gates and locks on stairs are also available.

Not checking the amenities and entertainment facilities the place promises to have will also be a mistake. Yes, the holiday is for enjoying the sights and tastes of the place you are visiting. However, you won’t like to do that constantly, and not everyone in the group will be interested in roaming around the area all day long. You have to ensure that the chosen accommodation is capable of entertaining everyone. Otherwise, the vacation won’t be as enjoyable for everyone.

Whispering Sea is ideally suited for all age groups and interests. Take a road trip to Wilsons Promontory or stroll the secluded beaches such as at Eagles Nest 5 minutes away. Cycle, swim, surf, fish or explore, Inverloch has it all.

Being Sure About What You are Booking 

Whenever you are looking for family-friendly accommodation, it is vital to determine if the place only advertises to be so or truly is. This will save you from many complications and grievances that may crop up during and after the vacation. For any additional information or to book the place for your next family holiday, please get in touch with Whispering Seas today; they can answer all your questions and assure you of the quality of their service.

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