House Rules

Your neighbours are working parents, school kids and retirees, who demand their sleep isn’t punctuated by excessive noise from balconies or games room.

This is not a party house.

  • No VFL Team Bonding Sessions
  • No loud parties

Your Hosts endeavour to select guests based on their profile, that respect the neighbours quality of life.

Thus family groups are preferred.

Prior to booking Guests usually want to know up-front if noise curfews exist, so there is no misunderstanding.

Thus consideration needs to be given to acceptable noise levels to;

  • Ensure that the ambiance and tranquility of the environment is maintained; and,
  • Harmonious relationships with the ‘fragile’ neighbours remain intact.

EPAVic  noise levels are more generous than apply here. Thus during the week;

  • Monday to Thursday, excessive noise needs to be curtailed after 9.00pm;
  • Friday and  Saturday nights excessive noise to be curtailed at 10.00pm and shut down at 11.00pm;
  • Sunday 9.00pm noise curtailed in preparation for the school and working week.
  • Long Weekends with Monday a holiday, then Sunday the 11.00pm shut down applies.

Noise on the balconies travels further at night, thus consider moving indoors at 10.00pm.

I hope this is acceptable to all stake holders.

No more police call outs, please. Three strikes and Whispering Sea’s Bass Council Accommodation Licence is revoked.