Have A Perfect Holiday Experience At Whispering Seas – Inverloch

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July 12, 2021


Have A Perfect Holiday Experience At Whispering Seas – Inverloch

Who does not love oceans and beaches? Being at the beach, eating in a beach restaurant and listening to the sounds of waves is everyone’s dream. Nice food, soothing drinks and a chill ambience is the perfect activity after a long day at the beach.

Thanks to the incredibly pristine beaches in Australia, restaurants in Inverloch offer some of the best ocean seafood, particularly the Invy Hotel, which is usually packed with dinners. With locally sourced seafood and modern classics, beach restaurants are known to provide the perfect beach dining experience for your next family reunion, romantic date night or bachelor party.

 You will enjoy the ambience

Nothing can beat the feeling of spending time by the beach. You love the gentle sound of the waves and the soothing breeze. No matter how tired you are, it can instantly lift up your dull mood with a relaxing and romantic ambience. Inverloch is unique in that it is blessed with both spectacular sunrise and sunset seascapes, over the beach and rugged headlands, which tops the list. Whether you want to enjoy a romantic sunset dinner with your partner or spend some quality time with family, a beach dining experience is a way to goNear Whispering Seas is a lookout known as Eagles Nest, which is a popular family picnic spot. Enjoy the sunset family picnic, while watching whales pass-by.

 The food and drinks 

Beach restaurants are known for their unique collection of drinks and smoothies. If you are visiting Inverloch for the first time, order home deliveries to Whispering Seas to give your taste buds a treat you do not want to forget. Whispering Seas has a beach facing balcony, where guests may enjoy sundowners with finger snacks. Wanderlust caters are able to provide an in-house dining or catering experience for major celebrations e.g. 60 birthdays, family reunions, Xmas parties in July or December.

 It is time to unwind and relax

Stepping out and experiencing the local cuisine while on holidays is an inherent part of a memorable holiday trip. With an unmatched collection of seafood, live music, ample sea views, the culinary scene at Inverloch, you are bound to fall in love with the beach scape and the facilities which Whispering Seas offers.

 Plan your next gateway with Whispering Seas

Given its idyllic coastal setting, Whispering Seas at Inverloch is perfect for family reunions, social wellness retreat for yoga groups, and a gang’s /girls getaway – reunion.

Book your next getaway with Whispering Seas at Inverloch and make some precious memories for a lifetime.

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