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April 19, 2022


Extensive Boating And Fishing Facilities At Inverloch

It is amazing how beautiful some places on earth are, untouched by man’s meddling hands and developmental incursions. Nature in itself has nothing to explain about itself except to showcase its authenticity in the literal sense without holding anything back. Inverloch is a prime example of the above mentioned concept, priding itself on providing a scenic spot that forms a haven for individuals and groups of people to rest, relax, and distance themselves from the humdrum of day-to-day life.

Surfing, boating, and fishing in Inverloch are just some of the recommended activities,

accompanied by numerous opportunities to dine out and engage in some fun water activities. Inverloch is a water playground for young and old.


Whether it is taking the boat out on a treasure-filled cruise through the Anderson Inlet or fishing from the shore, Inverloch showcases its versatility for anglers of all levels. Inverloch is an exciting seaside resort in Victoria’s Gippsland region, boasting of an enviable location that is spotted at the mouth of the Anderson Inlet in Venus Bay. The town proceeds to provide a relaxing vibe, ensuring that it is the perfect place to dangle a line when you do not own your own vessel. Additionally, boat hire and fishing charters are available. It is thus possible to land a catch from the shore in and around the inlet; however, success largely depends on favorable tides.

Fishing at the Screw Creek is another rewarding option—bream and estuary perch are the leading varieties to catch here. The Inverloch Jetty is a hive of activity and well-suited for families and inexperienced anglers. Pipis and squid are the most commonly preferred baits here.

The Anderson Inlet provides an excellent environment for trevally, pinkie snapper, flathead, mullet, tailor, salmon, whiting, bream, estuary perch, mulloway, gummy shark, and elephant fish. Along Mahers Landing and Doyles Road are natural bait grounds of Bass Yabbies and tubeworm, which can be pumped for recreational fishing. The Tarwin River then produces mullet, trevally, and tommy rough on the moving tide. Venus Bay Surf Beach—one of the last remaining pipi colonies in Victoria—is the perfect place to observe the hole and gutter formations on the 25-km stretch of beach, which is crucial to getting the best results from beach fishing.


The winter months are spectators to sensational sport fishing for Australian salmon with schools of fish weighing up to 3 kg. In addition, 7-gill sharks, Gummy sharks, and other varieties of bottom feeders come to feed on sand crabs at night.

There are four boat launching facilities for Anderson Inlet. Thus, at the Inverloch boat ramp, larger boats are advised to enter from the Esplanade entry. Additionally, the Mahers Landing provides good access; however, it does require a person to hold the boat while parking the car and boat trailer. The Fishermans Jetty Venus Bay boats till 14 feet can comfortably access the inlet for 2 hours on either side of the tide. Additionally, the Tarwin River boat ramp is best for 4 hours on either side of the high tide. However, access to the inlet can be limited to 2 hours on either side of the high tide.

At Whispering Seas, we ensure to provide a well-equipped, relaxing atmosphere where you and your family can relax and take time off your busy schedule and just have a good time. Inverloch is a beautiful place, and we provide all the amenities necessary for you to have an amazing time during your stay. Contact us now to make your booking!!

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March 22, 2022


Why It Is So Comfortable to Stay in A Safe Beach Front Family Holiday Resort

Finding and checking into a holiday rental accommodation is now no longer a stressful matter in the current days. Today, almost all the accommodation facilities claim to provide the best facilities to the guests coming with their families. This means that the holiday accommodations extend their services to make the adults and kids happier at their premises.

The trip becomes more fascinating when you are going for a beach vacation. Most family members opt for summer or winter trips as they can enjoy quality time together with the children and get a lifetime experience. However, while choosing the accommodation, you should remember that not all the accommodations are perfect for a safe beachfront family holiday in Inverloch. Some holiday venues are not suitable for family trips; they are only designed for business get-togethers and parties.

It will not be a pleasant experience to stay in a single room with kids and other family members. Hence, families who are going with kids should find a perfect holiday accommodation with enough space and the opportunity for the kids to play and enjoy to the fullest. This is why most tourists choose the beachfront family resorts in Inverloch that have plenty of spaces, privacy, fun-filled activities, pools, BBQ facilities, and so on. One of the main advantages of choosing family-friendly hotels is that they provide facilities that allow the parents and their kids to have a great time and keep everyone happy all the time.

Beach Front Family Holiday Sports Safe for Kids 

Family-friendly destinations like Inverloch and its tourist accommodation facilities mainly have places where the kids get entertained in a safe environment. Such a venue allows the families and kids to have a great time without any disturbance. One of such locations is Whispering Seas, where some areas are fully dedicated for the kids to play and have a memorable time together with family members. The kids play around the resort, and utmost privacy is also maintained. An additional game room is also there where noise does not hinder the guests from relaxing.

Maintaining Hygiene Is Main

Another factor to consider when choosing a perfect beachfront family-friendly accommodation is hygiene. It is crucial mainly when you are travelling with kids. In such cases, almost all the family-friendly accommodations are best as they can take extra care of hygiene. If you long for peaceful and comfortable holiday, hygiene is vital for family trips. For example, at family-friendly accommodation like Whispering Seas, 15 guests can access 4 bathrooms with an endless clean water supply.

Food Menu for Kids and Adults

One of the obvious reasons to stay at an accommodation that provides a safe beachfront family holiday in Inverloch is the wide options of food offered. The accommodation should have a menu for both the kids and adults. At Whispering Seas, an on-site catering option is available, and they are offered by experienced chefs who make delicious food that is perfect for kids and adults.

If you are visiting Inverloch on your next vacation, choosing a good beachfront family accommodation is great. Among all the choices, the Whispering Seas is the best one. It provides many facilities to the guests who come to spend a memorable trip with kids and other family members. Some of the activities to try there are exploring the vineyard golf course, getting a scenic drive, beach sailing, boating, surfing, and fishing.

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March 22, 2022


Why Whispering Seas Is the Best Low Cost Beach Front Family Holiday Accommodation?

Are you planning for a beachfront holiday trip with your family and kids? Inverloch can be the best choice as this place rejuvenates you and saves your money while traveling. Planning for a family trip is a yearly endeavor, and it includes lots of planning, and you get an ultimate opportunity to enjoy yourself with close ones and kids.

While planning for a family get-together or a trip, there are various aspects to keep in mind and plan accordingly. For a perfect low-cost beachfront family holiday in Inverloch, choosing a beachfront, resort-like Whispering Seas is the best option.

Apart from choosing the accommodation, you should also check how many members are going for the trip. You should count heads, for a total of kids and adults going. Apart from this, you should also decide what type of place you like to enjoy during the holiday trip. Everyone likes to stay away from the crowd and bustle of the city yet get the benefits of modern facilities.

How to Find a Low-Cost Beach Front Family Accommodation in Inverloch

As you are traveling with your kids and other family members, you should look for a safe place with several facilities you need while staying there, along with the modern amenities and enough choices for kids to remain occupied without disturbing the parents. There is no doubt that Inverloch is one of the best places to explore. There are various reasons behind it. Having a safe and secure accommodation will be like your home away from home, while costing you less and giving you a lifetime memory to cherish.

It is also great to remember that finding a family accommodation in Inverloch is not something people will think at the first place when they are reaching the location and facing all problems in each step.

Then regret begins, which is not conducive to having the holiday. Hence, it will be great for you to find out all the options from the beginning and then decide about the accommodation. The safety, enjoyment, security facilities, and best interest of kids should always be a top priority. At Whispering Seas, you will get everything you are looking for. Your kids will get the best and most enjoyable holidays that they will cherish for years at this place. Whispering Seas offers beach front accommodation for up to 15 guests, just 50m from a surf patrolled beach, at the Invy Surf Club. No need to drive to the beach and find parking!

Booking The Entire House for Saving Money

Booking the entire house is great if you want to stay all together and have an enjoyable time. This only allows you to enjoy and save money on the trip to the fullest. All crave the beachfront vacation resort as it is serene and has attractive properties to long for. People like to visit the sea and stay where the water will be seen from the window or even from the balcony. Whispering Seas provide all the amenities of modern life and the calmness of beachfront vacation. Listen to the soothing sounds of the surf at night, as you drift off to sleep.

At this beachfront vacation retreat, you will enjoy a low-cost beachfront family holiday in Inverloch. Whether you are travelling to Inverloch in a group or want to celebrate your special occasion with family members, you will want to have a large space to enjoy. The booking process is hassle-free; there are many other facilities to refresh your mind.

Whispering Seas provides for family-focused accommodation, Club groups, and so on, depending upon your preferences. Finally, choose Whispering Seas for an ultimate vacation at sea.

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October 6, 2021


Your Vacation can be Ruined if You do not Actively Look for Kid Friendly Accommodation in Inverloch

While thinking about a family vacation, people tend to consider several questions but often forget to ask the most crucial of the lot. For example, they fail to ask how many kids will accompany their parents during the trip and their preferences. Of course, you cannot and should not priorities only the kids’ choices and preferences, but that does not mean you should not give them any importance whatsoever. If you feel confused about the matter and are thinking about managing everything carefully, it is better to begin with something familiar, such as kid friendly accommodation in Inverloch

The importance of finding kid-friendly accommodations 

You should always find kid friendly accommodation, and the process should begin immediately after selecting the destination. You need to be sure about the destination first because only after you can make the necessary enquiries to find suitable accommodation and book it. There are various accommodations available in a place known as a tourist attraction, and not all of them will be perfect for kids. You have to consider this point and be prepared for the same. If you are not sure about the need for such specific accommodation during your vacation, it is vital to be aware of a few points. 

Knowing about the decision in detail and its implications 

For example, you need to know that a kid-friendly place is not just perfect for kids to stay and enjoy the standard amenities. However, such places are prepared for taking care of kids and keeping them entertained. Yes, both the facilities are not available everywhere, but in most cases, the tag means such facilities. Booking such a place will mean that you won’t have to worry about your kids getting into some danger of hurting themselves. Though, this does not mean that you can let your children roam around without supervision. It just takes away a considerable amount of stress and worries you will have for making the vacation enjoyable for kids.

The various worries and requirements of a parent 

People who are yet to become parents may not realize this. However, there are various things and situations one encounters in everyday life that can be potentially harmful to a kid. For instance, if you are visiting the beach in Inverloch and want to go fishing, you can rent a few fishing rods and begin to enjoy yourselves. However, if you do not have kids in your group, you will only rent fishing rods suitable for adults. If there are children, you have to look for options that will be perfect for the children. Seemingly there are no issues in letting a child use an adult-sized fishing rod, but the potential for harm is enormous. 

Taking some steps to make things simpler 

Planning for a vacation is not a simple task; there are various aspects and details you need to take care of; adding the responsibility of making the occasion enjoyable for everyone only adds to the pile. Moreover, you also have to consider that the kids accompanying you for a holiday will not be of the same age. This means their area of interest will be different too. Therefore, it is not possible to always prepare for all of them and carry the necessary items along. It is also tough to entertain all of them all the time and retain peace. Therefore, it will be wise to book a place that can handle this requirement for you. 

An option that will help your quest 

If you are interested in knowing more about this matter or booking accommodation that will keep your kids entertained and involved during the vacation and take away your worries, please get in touch with Whispering Seas. They will be able to help you in this matter and make your holiday more enjoyable than ever before. 

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