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August 19, 2021


Why Beach Front Family Holiday Accommodation Is the Perfect One to Choose

A great family holiday experience depends mainly on whether you have booked the kind of accommodation that you are looking for.

If you plan your next holiday trip to Inverloch and thinking to book a beachfront accommodation, knowing certain vital factors are a must. When it comes to family holiday accommodation at Inverloch, Victoria, it is very important to know the benefits of choosing the same.

Reasons to Book a Beachfront Apartment Over Hotels

Beachfront Rentals Are Perfect For the Beach Lovers

Beachfront rental apartments are a good choice for travellers who want to enjoy the beach to the fullest. You get to enjoy the sand between your toes, wind in your hair, the refreshing water/surf and the fantastic views of beaches, coastline and nature. You might see local wildlife such as koalas and kangaroos. You will take a few steps out of the door and have the beach welcome you. Beachfront accommodations sometimes have beach-facing patios. At Whispering Seas Inverloch bedrooms open onto the upstairs balcony, with ocean glimpses through the trees and sound of the rolling surf sooths the mind, as you relax on the comfortable couches, enjoying a wine and nibbles.

You Can Have Easy Access to the Sea

Beachfront holiday rentals are a great way to enjoy the beach and relax under the sun. Whether you are travelling with your dear ones, family, friends, or partner, having direct access to the beach is the best experience for a family holiday. No need to pack up the car to drive the last kilometre to the beach. At Whispering Seas, simply walk 50m across the road to the Invy Surf Club, and enjoy the safety of the family friendly beach, which is patrolled by life-guards throughout the summer holidays.
At Whispering Seas, the beach facing upper balcony and lower veranda have comfortable chairs and tables to enjoy the mid-day or evening meal. The patio in-front has seating for 12-15 guests, shaded by umbrellas, with a large gas BBQ for your summer meals.

Travellers who want to escape from the chaos of city life quietly can have a great time in private beachfront accommodation, such as Whispering Seas, which has a large games room for the big kids to enjoy.

You Can Spend Quality Time with Your Family

In a beachfront rental, you will have private balconies and entrances. That means you do not have to walk through the lobby every time you get back to the hotel. Besides, you get the opportunity to enjoy quality time with family in a quiet place surrounded by a mesmerizing view of the sea and nature. Apart from these, beachfront condos are an ideal choice as they have fewer people than hotels.
Whispering Seas comfortably accommodates upto 15 guests and is ideal for family reunions, catering to the needs of young children, parents and grandparents.

You will get a home-like feeling

Beachfront rentals provide guests with the comfort of home. They have comfortable living rooms and spacious bedrooms, ideal for a relaxing vacation. You can also rekindle your senses, opt for some pampering in the well-set bathrooms, and enjoy steam baths.
Whispering Seas provides two separate lounges, down stairs for the kids and their toys and a parental retreat upstairs. Whispering Seas caters for the grandparents, by having easy rear access, downstairs queen size bedroom and bathroom/shower and toilet, with hand rails to make movement more safe and secure. Double handrails are provided for the stairwell upstairs, which access the parental retreat and cosy fireplace for the winter nights.

A memorable holiday to remember

Staying in a beachfront condo means you have private access to the beach, first-class restaurants, and a community of various travelling groups. This means that your holiday experience is unique and most remembered as you get along with visitors from different parts of the world.

Holiday beach house rentals are known for their privacy, access to sea, unmatched customer service, and courteous staff. If your idea is to enjoy your next holiday in a rented apartment near a beach, make sure you plan everything ahead.

Whispering Seas provide you with the opportunity to get the excellent beach views with your family. Whether you plan your next family reunion, weekend getaway, corporate gathering or a club house outing, book our accommodation at Whispering Seas and enjoy comfortable facilities at an affordable price. Our hassle-free booking process gives you peace of mind. Book direct and not pay the 25% agents booking fee.

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March 19, 2021


What are the Comforts of Staying in a Family-friendly Accommodation?

Checking into holiday rental accommodation with your family is no longer a stressful experience in contemporary times. Today, most rental accommodation advertise that they provide the best facilities for people coming with their families. This means holiday venue nowadays is going out of their way to make the kids and parents happy. The trip becomes interesting when you are going on a beach vacation.  For most families, parents make vacation plans during summer and winter months so as to enjoy some good quality time with their children or offer them a thrilling experience.

However, it is also true that some holiday venues are not suitable for a family vacation because they are designed for either business trips and couples vacation. It is not a pleasant experience for two kids to sleep on one single bed for the entire holiday. Hence, people going on holidays with their family should search for children or a family-friendly accommodation when planning their trip, which focus family entertainment and make the guests feel at home all the time. Hence, families can enjoy their holiday pleasantly. It is because of these reasons, people choose safe beachfront family holiday accommodation at Inverloch, such as Whispering Seas, which can accommodate upto 15 guests and is ideal for family reunions, catering for the needs of all age groups

The main advantage of booking these family friendly venues is that facilities allow parents and children to have a fantastic time and keeps both children and parents happy 24/7. A happy wife is a happy life. Mum wants a holiday too.

Spots Where You Can Leave Your Children

Family-friendly accommodation usually has places where you can keep your children entertained in a safe environment. Such venues also allow families and kids to have a fantastic vacation without any hindrance. At Whispering Seas the property is fully fenced, with dedicated undercover, kid safe play areas at the rear of the house and inside. A detached games room is also available, where noise and entertainment doesn’t impact on the guests relaxing in the rest of the house.


Another critical factor that is important to consider is hygiene when you are travelling with your children. In such scenarios, family-friendly venues are the best choice because they take extra care in ensuring hygiene inside. A pleasant holiday experience is also dependent on the hygiene of the place. At Whispering Seas 15 guests have access to 4 bathrooms, with an endless supply of hot water.


Food Menus with Items of Children

A significant advantage of staying at family-friendly venues is that they have food options for the children too. At Whispering Seas, on-site catering is provided by the Wanderlust Chefs, who provide a wide range of meal and cooking services for all occasions.

Inverloch has a wide range of eateries to choose from, noodle bars, Chinese and Japanese dining and takeaways, not to mention the bakeries, ice cream and numerous coffee shops.

At Inverloch, parents do not have to worry about finding the right foods for their children. Hence, they can order the right foods for their kids with peace of mind.

There are two hotels at Inverloch where the dining is superb. All the staff in these hotels are trained to provide satisfactory services to guests coming with their families. One hotel even has a kid play station, which is very popular for family groups. Whichever accommodation venue you choose, make sure to check their reviews and ratings before making any reservations.

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