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July 10, 2021


What To Look For In Kid-Friendly Holiday Accommodation?

A lot of parents seem to face a common challenge while planning their vacation for their kids. While there is plenty of accommodation available at Inverloch it’s imperative that you identify kid-friendly venues. You will need to make sure that the accommodation you are checking into includes everything you and your kids need to have a memorable vacation.

Before you begin your search for kid friendly accommodation in Inverloch, make sure that you know the things you want to be provided and are available. Below are some of the things to expect associated with a kid-friendly, beach front family holiday accommodation at Inverloch.


Location is the first thing you should look for in a kid-friendly venue. It ought to be a central location. Accommodation situated in the heart of Inverloch, gives you easy access to local attractions, which is something you will appreciate, as you want to take your kids to museums or parks. Beach-facing accommodation that has easy access to all facilities is a good option. Such places are a great holiday destination with kids who can easily enjoy outdoor activities on a sandy beach and supervised water sports.

Quality kid-friendly accommodation such as Whispering Seas, is closer to public facilities e.g. patrolled surf beaches, dedicated cycle paths, well equipped playgrounds and shell/dinosaur museums, means that you no longer have to worry about how to entertain the kids. A happy wife is a happy life!

Well-Equipped rooms

Look for beach front holiday homes, featuring large rooms to accommodate families travelling with kids. This is something you cannot overlook. Whispering Seas has a dedicated downstairs family room, with a full toy box and cupboard to keep all kids entertained and a covered outside patio with play equipment, plus swings, slides, trikes and bikes. A large external games room has many toys for both young kids and big boys.

Most kid-friendly venues also provide external beach showers and internal bath tubs. They are vital if you want to bathe your children after playing outside or swimming in the Southern Ocean for too long. These are provided at Whispering Seas, plus an endless supply of bulk gas boosted, electrical hot water continuously regulated to 55 degrees, so no child is scalded by hot water.

A Kid-friendly menu

These days most hotels provide kid-friendly menus, as at the near-by Invy Hotel. They also have an internal playground, so the parents can dine peacefully.

Kids’ Activities

Today’s kid-friendly venues put a lot of effort into creating some unique facilities for children. These facilities allow kids to spend all day having fun and enjoying themselves, while their parents can relax. Whispering Seas has a fully secured yard, where kids can play and parents know they can’t stray outside. High fences and tall lockable front gates provide a secure playground. At Inverloch there is a large public playground, which is a popular picnic spot with electric BBQs, tables and benches in protected, covered areas. This facility is beside the shell and dinosaur museums. Large T-Rex type dinosaurs once roamed Inverloch 60 million years ago.

Toys, Games and all sorts of Kids’ items

You would be surprised at the variety of items kid-friendly venues provide, to make your little one’s stay more rewarding and memorable. More importantly, they will make you feel satisfied and relieved that your children are enjoying themselves.

Some venues offer welcome gifts for the little ones, which include a lot of toys and things to play with, making your kids happy. At Whispering Seas a full toy box and cupboards abound with all sorts of playthings, reading books and drawing materials.

More importantly, a good holiday venue that genuinely cares about kids will baby-proof the entire room. That means you get safer corners and tables, which you would not have to worry about your kid bumping into. Moreover, the floors are reliable, and there are no sharp objects that could hurt your little ones. At Whispering Seas, child proof gates secure the internal and external stairs, with high chair, portable crib and change table provided. Night lights are provided as are external sensor lights.

Extra amenities

While booking accommodation, you will find that a lot of venues provide the highest quality of cribs for babies. At Whispering Seas a port-a-crib is provided.

Whispering Seas is an ideal kid-friendly, beach front family holiday destination at Inverloch. If you have been planning your next trip with kids, look no further!

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February 17, 2020


5 Things You Should Never Do on Your Beach Vacation

Are you going on a beach vacation with your family recently? Have you planned everything or decided on the location where you will go? If you have not selected the location yet, I must say that you can visit Inverloch, one of the top most popular beach destinations in Victoria. It offers the tourists a pleasant scenic beauty of the surrounding locations.

This destination harbours some of the unique sightseeing places that attract travellers from around the world. Whispering Seas, a popular kid-friendly accommodation in Inverloch offers mind-blowing accommodation option for families.

But if you are going with your family, some of the activities at the beach you should avoid or else you can face lots of problems. Read the blog below to know about the activities that you should avoid while you are on a beach vacation:

Don’t Play In the Crowd

When you are going for a beach vacation, you might like playing games like Frisbee and volleyball, but try to avoid playing in the crowd. If you are someone who likes to stay alone or want to enjoy a few people around you, it is better to avoid excessive gathering. Keep your games away from the high-density areas where others are lounging. If you want to enjoy relaxation and comfort, you can enjoy sunbathing or stay at your beachfront resort and enjoy the view of the sea with your close ones.

Do Not Smoke

One of the things that you should avoid when going on a beach vacation with your family members is that you should avoid smoking. The world might be your oyster, but the beach is not the ashtray. Not only cool breezy air be fulfilled with the harmful gases, but the cigarette butts are harmful to the environment. The cigarettes are non-biodegradable and lead to toxic chemicals in the atmosphere. This is the reason why most of the beaches have made the ‘no smoking’ zone or have banned the use of cigarettes.

Do Not Ignore the Local Customs

One you should remember while you are going for the beach vacation is that every beach destination has certain customs and rules. While you are on a beach holiday, it is better not to ignore the local customs. Some countries have nude beaches where some countries have strict rules against it. So, it better to have an idea about the local rules and customs before you are going on vacation.

Do Not Leave the Trash Behind

A sense of etiquette is obvious here. It is better not to throw the thrash here and there when you are at the beach. Careless exposal of the trash is harmful to the environment and can affect both the water and sand. Not all the beaches have trash bins; hence, it is better not to throw the garbage at the beach. It is better to carry the plastic bags with you to keep the trash particles in it.

These are 5 activities you should never do at the beach. If you are planning for a beach holiday in Victoria, you should choose a popular Beach House at Inverloch like Whispering Seas that offer lifetime experiences to the tourists, which can be added to the memory treasure box.

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