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April 20, 2022


Why Are Beach Restaurants Ideal For Your Date?

What can be more delightful than dining under a thousand stars listening to the sound of waves hitting the soft sand? Of course, it is no secret that a holiday is not complete without tucking into some fabulous food! In fact, sometimes, we even design our holidays around such delicious delights.

So, if you are prepping for a date and want to impress your date in style, make sure you learn how beachside dining can take your experience to the next level.

Of course, you would want to impress your date, especially when you are in an exotic location. There is no better idea than taking your special person out for dinner to beach restaurants in Inverloch to kindle the romance between the both of you.

There are a great many such exquisite restaurants where you can plan an exclusive evening out with your loved one. These restaurants offer special seating by the waterside so that you can enjoy your dinner together, gazing out over the water and into the distant sea.

Nothing is more romantic than this! It takes a little homework and a small recce to ensure that you choose the ideal beachfront restaurant you and your date prefer best. Most beach restaurants will offer you a prime spot to let you enjoy the mesmerizing view of the setting sun and awe at the rising stars on the distant horizon.

Witness the views by the beach

When you enjoy the fascinating views of the water by the restaurant, you can also witness the enchanting waves on the shore. If you have had a strenuous day, a dinner with your date in a beach restaurant can be the most stimulating experience of your life.

The restaurant menu

It is always good to check out the restaurant menu online before choosing one. Especially, on some occasions, your beach restaurants will have a live band or music playing. Therefore, it is worthwhile that you check directly from their website if this is going to happen on your preferred day. Playing the best music and giving the best menu to your date is why you want to be at your favourite beach restaurant.

You mean so much to your date

Why not show your date how much he or she means to you? You can also arrange flowers delivered to your date or a bottle of champagne at the table. You might even order a cake if the evening means a lot more unique and you want to cherish

these special moments. Plus, if you or your date has a craving for seafood, then a beach restaurant is an ideal place to be. The chances are that a high-end beachfront restaurant will have fresh catch delivered to it by local fishermen.

Are you a beach lover who wants to spend your special evening with your special person? Then, Whispering Seas is your one-stop destination to fulfil the dreams you have!

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October 21, 2021


Choosing The Best Beach Restaurant in Inverloch Is the Top Most Necessity for Travellers

Finding out and savoring the tasty cuisines and dishes has been one of the most integral parts of the holiday. Mainly if you are visiting a beach destination like Inverloch and not tasting the delicious seafood, you are not fulfilling the travelling experience. Almost all the beach restaurants in Inverloch provide some of the best dishes for the visitors, and if you are visiting this place during your next vacation, you must visit there. In addition, there are several accommodation facilities in Inverloch with beachside restaurants that provide delectable dishes to taste. 

Explore The Communities And The Eateries Nearby

Eating rich food is not always a good option when travelling, but that should not keep you away from the local eateries, mainly when visiting a beach destination. Without tasting the local food, you will be missing out on the opportunity to explore the local culture and traditions. Inverloch is one of the most popular destinations that has a vibrant community with people full of energy. Hence, it is quite possible to have lots of eateries in the area to serve the tourists. Being near to the sea, having access to fresh seafood is not an exception. The owner of these restaurants adds local flavors and warmth to make the food tastier than before. 

Doing Extensive Research Is Very Crucial

Choosing the best eatery in Inverloch means you have to do extensive research, gather as much information as first, and then select the best one. Before you visit the destination, you should also collect the needed information from the internet. However, the data and pictures available will not be enough to judge the place and the eateries. Therefore, you should carry a list while visiting the place, check the menu, reviews and be more precise about your needs and budget. 

Know About Some Issues You Might Encounter

Here, you might choose a beautiful place online, their menu seems to be too delicious, and the reviews are five stars. You might have decided that your first meal after reaching Inverloch should be at this restaurant. However, when you visit the place, you find out that you have to roam a bit to find the exact location. Hence, it is better to decide on the restaurant after you visit the place. 

Get an Idea On the Local Eateries and Restaurants Available

Almost all the beach restaurants in Inverloch have the best combination of food, environment and taste and the exterior and interior design of the restaurant is also appealing. You should gather enough information on the restaurants beforehand. If you are going with your partner, the choice of the restaurant will be different when going with the family. 

Whispering Seas is one of the most popular beachside accommodations for travellers who are visiting Inverloch. This accommodation facility is best for a family vacation. It provides top-notch room services and amenities that can make the trip memorable. In addition, it has a beach restaurant that offers delicious meals for the guests. Want to book your room? Visit the official site here.

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August 10, 2021


What Should be Your Choice of Food When Visiting Beach Restaurants in Inverloch?

If someone asks you the question mentioned above, then you will consider it as a rhetorical question, as a primary reason for visiting a sea beach is to enjoy fresh seafood. If you are not living in a place close to the sea, then the seafood you are getting to eat cannot be that fresh. It is not always about the money you are paying for the dish; it is more about your involvement with the dish, apart from eating. So, when you are visiting one of the beach restaurants in Inverloch, you will get to enjoy gorgeous and fresh seafood, along with an unparalleled experience.
A vacation at Inverloch will have much to offer
Whether alone, with your partner or family, every holiday and vacation brings new memories, and all of them are cherished for life. There are certain occasions, though, which are more memorable and gives you a fresh bout of life whenever the memories are revisited. A visit to Inverloch falls in this latter category. A vacation at Inverloch is not only unique because you will get to enjoy pristine beaches and azure sea, but because of the atmosphere of the place and how it will impress you with a combination of nature, beauty and life. Moreover, fresh seafood will be abundant.
The need to try new food and cuisines
Whenever you visit a new place, finding out the cuisine and food scenario of that place is necessary. No matter where you are visiting and for how long you will need to eat, and despite saying otherwise, many memories are inspired by food. Whether they love to eat or not, people want to try new cuisines and dishes, and the best chance of that happens when they are visiting somewhere. Moreover, the fun and happiness one enjoys while sharing food with a loved one is also cherished throughout life. It also brings the chance to get a little adventurous. Enjoy Japanese, Chinese and other cuisines at the many and varied eateries at Inverloch.
The importance of trying fresh and delicious seafood
For instance, you may not have access to excellent and fresh seafood at home, but at Inverloch, you will have as much as you want. If you wish, it will be possible to cook and eat, but that will take away from your time to roam around. Yes, Inverloch is not a very large town, that’s the beauty of the place, but in summer the vibes are exciting as the holiday visitors are enjoying themselves immensely. Inverloch is a water playground, where river, estuary and ocean meet. Vast expanses of water suitable for sailing, kite surfing, boating, sailing, canoeing, paddle boarding, and surfing the breaks. The beaches and shorelines are humming with activity. Even the occasional whale is seen near shore.
People love to visit Inverloch because of the open sea, natural beauty and wildlife it offers. It makes more sense to walk nature trails or beach and lie in the sand, enjoying the sun, instead of cooking food for every meal. Hence, the restaurants are a perfect place for the mid-day or evening meal. Book early as during the summer holidays mum doesn’t cook either, as she is on holiday too. So boys if you didn’t catch a fish, organize a table booking, alternatively a BBQ or take away if you leave your run too late.
Knowing about your options before making the selection
There are several restaurants at Inverloch. All of them offer some of the most delicious and satisfying platters of seafood for you to enjoy. The Invy pub is exceptionally popular with tourists and locals. Here the seafood is superb! Whether alone or as a couple or as a whole family visiting any of these places will be enough to secure a gorgeous and sumptuous seafood meal. You will also find subtle differences in the dishes. The cuisine may not be entirely unknown, but there is no denying that the taste will be different. From local influence on the food to the availability of fresh seafood and the warmth of people of the area, everything will come together to create an unparalleled eating experience. Hence, your choice of food should be the available seafood if you are not allergic to any of them.

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July 12, 2021


Have A Perfect Holiday Experience At Whispering Seas – Inverloch

Who does not love oceans and beaches? Being at the beach, eating in a beach restaurant and listening to the sounds of waves is everyone’s dream. Nice food, soothing drinks and a chill ambience is the perfect activity after a long day at the beach.

Thanks to the incredibly pristine beaches in Australia, restaurants in Inverloch offer some of the best ocean seafood, particularly the Invy Hotel, which is usually packed with dinners. With locally sourced seafood and modern classics, beach restaurants are known to provide the perfect beach dining experience for your next family reunion, romantic date night or bachelor party.

 You will enjoy the ambience

Nothing can beat the feeling of spending time by the beach. You love the gentle sound of the waves and the soothing breeze. No matter how tired you are, it can instantly lift up your dull mood with a relaxing and romantic ambience. Inverloch is unique in that it is blessed with both spectacular sunrise and sunset seascapes, over the beach and rugged headlands, which tops the list. Whether you want to enjoy a romantic sunset dinner with your partner or spend some quality time with family, a beach dining experience is a way to goNear Whispering Seas is a lookout known as Eagles Nest, which is a popular family picnic spot. Enjoy the sunset family picnic, while watching whales pass-by.

 The food and drinks 

Beach restaurants are known for their unique collection of drinks and smoothies. If you are visiting Inverloch for the first time, order home deliveries to Whispering Seas to give your taste buds a treat you do not want to forget. Whispering Seas has a beach facing balcony, where guests may enjoy sundowners with finger snacks. Wanderlust caters are able to provide an in-house dining or catering experience for major celebrations e.g. 60 birthdays, family reunions, Xmas parties in July or December.

 It is time to unwind and relax

Stepping out and experiencing the local cuisine while on holidays is an inherent part of a memorable holiday trip. With an unmatched collection of seafood, live music, ample sea views, the culinary scene at Inverloch, you are bound to fall in love with the beach scape and the facilities which Whispering Seas offers.

 Plan your next gateway with Whispering Seas

Given its idyllic coastal setting, Whispering Seas at Inverloch is perfect for family reunions, social wellness retreat for yoga groups, and a gang’s /girls getaway – reunion.

Book your next getaway with Whispering Seas at Inverloch and make some precious memories for a lifetime.

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July 5, 2021


Selecting the Best of the Beach Restaurants in Inverloch is a Crucial Affair for the Visitors

Getting to enjoy different cuisines and dishes has always been integral to one’s travelling experience, whether they are looking for the gastronomical experience or not. When you visit a quaint town on the beach, not exploring the seafood menu at local eateries will be a travesty unless you are allergic. Whether you are travelling alone or with your partner or whole family, securing proper accommodation is the priority. The second one is suitable eating options. Hence, you will have to look into Beach restaurants in Inverloch, and you can select the ones that seem the best.
The community in Inverloch and the eateries there:
Opting for rich food is not the right option when travelling, but that should not keep you from trying the local cuisine. Without testing local people’s food, you will be missing out a lot on the experience that could be. Inverloch is well-known as a vibrant community, humming with people and energy. Hence, it is natural that it will have multiple eateries for the visitors to try. Being on the sea, access to fresh and delicious seafood will be a no brainer. Adding the local flavour and the warmth of the people of the area will make every meal unique and delicious.
Doing research will be necessary:
Regarding choosing the right restaurant, it is necessary to gather the essential information first and then decide. Before visiting Inverloch, you can collect the required information on the internet. However, all the pictures and videos and other data won’t be enough to feel the place. Therefore, it will be better to know your options to eat out in the area, including their reviews, menu, and any additional details. The actual decision should happen once you have reached Inverloch, as it will be more precise and suitable for your requirements.
Some practical problems that you may encounter:
For instance, you may select a beautiful place online, their menu seems delicious, and the reviews are good. You may think that your first meal after reaching Inverloch will be in that restaurant. However, once you reach your destination and get settled down, you will look for directions to the restaurant and find that you will have to walk for a bit. After journeying for hours, you won’t be in a position to make such a visit, especially if you have small children. Hence, it will be better to decide after you have reached the place.
Getting an idea about the possible restaurant options:
Beach restaurants are designed to combine the best of the environment and food, which means the interior and exterior of the place will be impressive. The food will be delicious too, as all the seafood will be locally sourced. The quaint nature of the place will also give off a beautiful homely feeling while being away from your familiar landscape. Now, about selecting the right restaurant option, if you are visiting with family, the choice has to be one. If you are with your partner, the choice will be different, and if you are travelling solo, you have to select accordingly.
The different settings needed for different groups of people:
For the whole family, you will have to select a place that will cater to everyone, especially regarding your extended family. A group of people will have different choices, preferences and habits. Some may have an allergy to a particular food item, and children will be a little tough to please. Therefore, you have to select a restaurant that can fulfil all these requirements. For your solo meal, you would like to choose a place that won’t make you feel the absence of another person as acutely. Enjoying a meal with your partner will require a romantic setting. Hence, you have to be careful and select the most suitable option fitting your need.

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April 19, 2021


Reasons Why You Should Go for an Inverloch Beach Holiday to De-Stress and Rewind

Enjoying a beach holiday– feeling the sea breeze blowing on your face, salt tickling your nose and the sound of the seagulls flocking in the  distance.

Yes, the beach holidays are great, more so when you get the chance to enjoy the tasty food at the beach restaurants in Inverloch or any other beach locations. These holidays are great for your soul and body. You work hard all year long to earn days off and then go for a relaxing holiday. Hence, choosing the perfect holiday destination is very important to revive your body, soul  and renew your mind.

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Choose a Beach Destination for Your Next Holiday

Mental Wellbeing

Contemplating by the water indeed feeds up your soul. The massive view of the ocean water offered, called the “blue space” by some travel enthusiasts, actually relaxes your mind. If you sit for hours at the beach, you will feel good, and all your stress and tension will go away. All problems seem to melt and eventually bring peace to your mind. You are biologically wired  to have a beach holiday!

Rest and Rewind Soul and Body

While most travellers say that beach drains your body and soul and it provides you with perfect relaxation in a true sense. For example, if you come back to your home and take a shower, you will generally feel that all your stress pass away  and you feel refreshed again. The true sense of relaxation brings your life back and you become more productive once you come back on track again.

Get The Opportunity to Explore the Ocean

If you love adventures, then beach holidays are great. You get an opportunity to explore the ocean by trying out various activities that include snorkelling, sailing, boating, jet skiing, scuba diving, fishing and lots more. Inverloch is a water playground for young and old. Whether you are going for a romantic gateway with your partner or going with the family and kids, enjoying all the beach activities is truly exciting and enthralling. There is so much to do at beaches, like getting tans, reading books, relaxing, and taking catnaps.

Enjoying The Fresh Air

Most of you work in a confined space with fluorescent light; there is no such open space or natural light. But when you are going for a beach holiday, you can enjoy natural light, fresh air and lots of space. Take a break, go for a beach holiday, and enjoy nature whole heartedly.

If you are going for a beach vacation, choosing the best accommodation is the foremost criteria. Various accommodation facilities are available such as  hotels, resorts and rented villas. One such is the Whispering Seas, a beachfront holiday rental at

Inverloch on the Bass Coast of Victoria, which is located 1.5hrs from Melbourne, via the South Gippsland Highway. Whispering Seas provides various opportunities to the travellers to enjoy a beach holiday with family and friends. This beachfront house is located on Surf Parade at Inverloch, opposite the Inverloch Surf Club, whose members patrol the beach over the summer months..  Guests can book direct  and upto 15 guests can enjoy spacious accommodation, which is most suitable forfamily reunions, corporate gatherings, wellness retreats and club outing.

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