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August 18, 2021


The Ultimate Summer Beach House Booking Tips

So you have decided to take a family beach vacation this year. If you are looking to have fun together, enjoy a spacious kitchen island for breakfast, post-beach naps or witness the sunrise or sunset, and then you probably want to rent a beach house.
When is the right time to rent a beach house?
When you plan to rent a beach house at your favourite coastal destination, autumn is the perfect time for a booking. However, the need for socially distanced vacations has made a beach house an even more popular vacation option for most travellers.
How much does a beach house cost you?
A beach house rental may not be as expensive as you may think. The price of beach house in Inverloch depends on the following factors:
• Beach houses in uber-popular destinations;
• The closer you are to the beach, the more you need to pay for your one-of-a-kind beach home, especially if it is an oceanfront one;
• A one-bedroom cottage is cheaper than a mansion;
• High-end amenities, such as a private pool, theatre room, elevator, will cost you extra;
• Large houses accommodation more guests (say 15) usually reduces the cost per guest per night, particularly during the mid-week, shoulder and low-seasons. Say low-season rates of say $500/night, costs $34 per night per person for 15 guests. During the super peak Xmas season a beach house may cost $1000/night, which costs $67/night/person. This is about half the daily cost for a motel room at Inverloch.
• Whispering Seas accommodates upto 15 guests and is ideal for family reunions, holidays and club outings as the cost per person is usually about half the cost of a motel.
Take the time to set a budget and stick to it. For example, renting a beach house is more affordable than renting multiple hotel/motel rooms.
The key to not blowing your travel budget is defining your quintessential house features and the high-end add-ons you may consider such as spacious modern kitchen, spacious comfortable bedrooms and lounge rooms, games room, Netflix, fireplace for winter nights, reverse cycle air conditioning in all rooms, TV in all rooms, ample secure off street parking, securely fenced kid friendly yard, proximity to facilities and services such as shops restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and proximity to the beach and cycle way. These features are provided at Whispering Seas.
Create a list of vacation rental must-haves
Consider the group that will stay with you in the beach house and compile a list of must-have items. For example, if you are travelling with older members with difficulty using stairs, you will prefer a beach house with an elevator or a one-story. Another essential factor is off-street parking, especially if your group has multiple vehicles. At Whispering Seas the facilities are suitable for grandparents, with secure hand grips located in bathrooms, showers and toilets to facilitate stability. Rear access is by a paved low angle pathway, suitable for a Zimmer frame or wheel chair access via the rear sliding doors.
Once your list of essential features is created, it is time to think about fancy upgrades like a rooftop deck or hot tub. At Whispering Seas the upstairs balconies are suitable for summer sundowners or winter mid-day meals.
Consider a luxury feature
While checking out your beach rental options, private beach access is a luxury feature to consider. Once you create a list of what luxury features you are after, consider indulging in them. Maybe you fancy a beachfront porch with a sunset view, or a firepit is all you dream about.
Consider off-seasons for savings
Beach house prices are higher during the summer months. If you have the flexibility to your travel schedule, book your beach house for a week before or shortly after the peak season. You will get a lower rate, and it will be less crowded.
Are you planning your next summer vacation at Inverloch, Victoria? Try your luck at Whispering Seas, an ideal 5 Star beach house destination, which accommodates upto 15 guests. This will suit your budget regardless of season and exceed your holiday wishes.
Visit our website for more details and exciting offers. Book direct and save $$, phone Phil 0439412613 to discuss possibilities.

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July 23, 2021


The Essential Guide To Planning Your Next Family Holiday With Kids

Holidays ensures healthy family life, not to mention loads of fun! Planning a family holiday in Inverloch means securing a hassle-free, fun-filled getaway.
Holidays are good not only for a change of place and the chance to do different things but also for the opportunity to unwind and spend quality time with family.
Accommodation and transport are not the only things you pay for; you still got to pay for meals and entertainment for the kids. In that scenario, resorts are ideal for families as they offer a comprehensive package all in one roof.
It is worth checking out the options a resort may offer from time to time. Many offer deals, including the cost of air tickets, some meals, and free club membership for kids.
What are you looking for?
While being a parent is the most rewarding thing in the world, sometimes you need some time off. Just because you are on vacation does not mean you cannot send your little ones to a kids’ club so that you can rest, read a book or have a relaxing spa. While planning your trip, be sure to find a destination featuring organised activities for kids.
Beach holidays are ideal for children of all ages. Beaches nowadays have plenty of resorts with child-care facilities that are good for families with kids.
Overseas destinations offer opportunities to kids to explore different cultures and locations.
Activity holidays such as skiing, surfing, or cycling are perfect for older kids.
Consider investing in travel insurance
Travel insurance protects your family from unforeseen disasters on vacation. Knowing that you are covered if there is an emergency can make your vacation worry-free and an enjoyable one.
Write an itinerary
When you are going on a family vacation, your goal is to keep everyone happy. The best way to do this is to choose one or two things they are desperate to do on their holiday and to organise them into the itinerary.
Try not to overload the itinerary. Sometimes, you may want to spend time relaxing or hanging out by the pool. You may also want to explore a new area spontaneously.
Some other guidelines
Work out your budget. Look around for family holiday packages and deals.
Do not cancel a destination because it seemed too costly the last time you checked. Seasonal deals are your best friends; try looking for them.
Are you planning to go overseas? Check the exchange rates before booking your tickets.
While choosing the destination, keep your kid’s interests and desires in mind. What destination do they prefer most?
Having a customised travel map not only helps you to get familiarised with the layout of a new place but also helps you to create an ideal travel itinerary.
Planning your holiday with kids might seem like a daunting task. However, with these tips in mind, be sure to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
Book your next family trip with Whispering Seas! Please visit our website for more details.

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July 10, 2021


What Are The Key Benefits Of Living In A Beach House In Inverloch?

Everybody desires to live in a beach house at least once a year. Even though many own a beach house but are unable to go there because of their busy schedules. The beach houses are the best place to spend a holiday and quality time with your loved ones. Living in a beach house in Inverloch is an absolute dream after months of a busy schedule and hard work. It makes you feel as if your hard work has paid off. You get to relax and enjoy the tenderness of the beach. Besides that, there are several benefits of living in a beach house. Some of them are as mentioned as follows.

Health Benefits :

One of the significant benefits of living in a beach house is its wide range of health benefits. When you live in such a calm and peaceful location, it encourages you to exercise and meditate. The beach houses have the best environment for meditation and yoga. You can go swimming in your private pool or run along the beach. Besides that, there are several fun sports like volleyball which you can play with your friends and family. You also get to enjoy an excellent air quality in your seaside house that makes you feel invigorated and healthy. There is no other surrounding like a beach house where you get to hear the peaceful sounds of waves and winds. It gives you a perfect good night sleep and calms your mind and body.

Breath-taking View :

One main reason why people choose to live in a beach house is because of the lovely view that surrounds it. The developers understand that the surrounding scenery matters the most. Hence, they develop beach houses with big front windows and large verandas with wide frames. One gets to enjoy the mornings by gazing at the beautiful beach view with a hot cup of coffee.

Great Investment :

Another significant factor that benefits you all year is the beach house investment. If you have a busy schedule and have no time to visit your beach house more than once a year, then you can begin with holiday rentals. You have invested quite a lot of money in purchasing the beach house, and if you get a chance to retrieve the money, why not. You can get potential benefits, especially in the holiday season, as the demand is more for beach houses. In this way, you get to make a side income. Besides that, you can also live in the place whenever it fits your schedule. Just ensure there are no bookings for a stay while you plan to spend your time in the beach house.

These are the three major benefits of living in a beach house. If you wish to book a beach house in Inverloch for some days, definitely opt for Whispering Seas. They provide you with the best beach houses and services at a reasonable price.

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February 17, 2020


5 Things You Should Never Do on Your Beach Vacation

Are you going on a beach vacation with your family recently? Have you planned everything or decided on the location where you will go? If you have not selected the location yet, I must say that you can visit Inverloch, one of the top most popular beach destinations in Victoria. It offers the tourists a pleasant scenic beauty of the surrounding locations.

This destination harbours some of the unique sightseeing places that attract travellers from around the world. Whispering Seas, a popular kid-friendly accommodation in Inverloch offers mind-blowing accommodation option for families.

But if you are going with your family, some of the activities at the beach you should avoid or else you can face lots of problems. Read the blog below to know about the activities that you should avoid while you are on a beach vacation:

Don’t Play In the Crowd

When you are going for a beach vacation, you might like playing games like Frisbee and volleyball, but try to avoid playing in the crowd. If you are someone who likes to stay alone or want to enjoy a few people around you, it is better to avoid excessive gathering. Keep your games away from the high-density areas where others are lounging. If you want to enjoy relaxation and comfort, you can enjoy sunbathing or stay at your beachfront resort and enjoy the view of the sea with your close ones.

Do Not Smoke

One of the things that you should avoid when going on a beach vacation with your family members is that you should avoid smoking. The world might be your oyster, but the beach is not the ashtray. Not only cool breezy air be fulfilled with the harmful gases, but the cigarette butts are harmful to the environment. The cigarettes are non-biodegradable and lead to toxic chemicals in the atmosphere. This is the reason why most of the beaches have made the ‘no smoking’ zone or have banned the use of cigarettes.

Do Not Ignore the Local Customs

One you should remember while you are going for the beach vacation is that every beach destination has certain customs and rules. While you are on a beach holiday, it is better not to ignore the local customs. Some countries have nude beaches where some countries have strict rules against it. So, it better to have an idea about the local rules and customs before you are going on vacation.

Do Not Leave the Trash Behind

A sense of etiquette is obvious here. It is better not to throw the thrash here and there when you are at the beach. Careless exposal of the trash is harmful to the environment and can affect both the water and sand. Not all the beaches have trash bins; hence, it is better not to throw the garbage at the beach. It is better to carry the plastic bags with you to keep the trash particles in it.

These are 5 activities you should never do at the beach. If you are planning for a beach holiday in Victoria, you should choose a popular Beach House at Inverloch like Whispering Seas that offer lifetime experiences to the tourists, which can be added to the memory treasure box.

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