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March 21, 2022


Why It Is So Comfortable to Stay in A Safe Beach Front Family Holiday Resort

Finding and checking into holiday rental accommodation is now no longer a stressful matter in the current days. Today, almost all the accommodation facilities claim to provide the best facilities to the guests coming with their families. This means that the holiday accommodations extend their services to make the adults and kids happier at their premises.

The trip becomes more fascinating when you are going for a beach vacation. Most family members opt for summer or winter trips as they can enjoy quality time together with the children and get a lifetime experience. However, while choosing the accommodation, you should remember that not all the accommodation venues are perfect for a safe beachfront family holiday in Inverloch. Some holiday venues are not suitable for family trips; they are only designed for business get-togethers and parties.

It will not be a pleasant experience to stay in a single room with kids and other family members. Hence, families who are going with kids should find a perfect holiday accommodation with enough space and the opportunity for the kids to play and enjoy to the fullest. This is why most tourists choose the beachfront family resorts in Inverloch that have plenty of spaces, privacy, fun-filled activities, pools, BBQ facilities, and so on. One of the main advantages of choosing family-friendly hotels is that they provide facilities that allow the parents and their kids to have a great time and keep everyone happy all the time.

Beach Front Family Holiday Sports Safe for Kids 

Family-friendly destinations like Inverloch and its tourist accommodation facilities mainly have places where the kids get entertained in a safe environment. Such a venue allows the families and kids to have a great time without any disturbance. One of such locations is Whispering Seas, where some areas are fully dedicated for the kids to play and have a memorable time together with family members. The kids play under cover on the rear patio, and utmost privacy is also maintained. An additional game room is also there, where noise does not hinder the guests from relaxing.

Maintaining Hygiene Is Main

Another factor to consider when choosing a perfect beachfront family-friendly accommodation is hygiene. It is crucial mainly when you are travelling with kids. In such cases, almost all the family-friendly accommodations are best as they can take extra care of hygiene. If you long for peaceful and comfortable holiday, hygiene is vital for family trips. For example, at family-friendly accommodation like Whispering Seas, 15 guests can access 4 bathrooms with an endless clean HOT water supply.

Food Menu for Kids and Adults

One of the obvious reasons to stay at an accommodation that provides safe beachfront family holiday in Inverloch is the wide options of food offered. The accommodation should have a menu for both the kids and adults. At Whispering Seas, an on-site catering option is available, and they are offered by experienced chefs who make delicious food that is perfect for kids and adults. Ideal for birthday parties and stress free evening meals.

If you are visiting Inverloch on your next vacation, choosing a good beachfront family accommodation is great. Among all the choices, Whispering Seas is the best one. It provides many facilities to the guests who come to spend a memorable trip with kids and other family members. Some of the activities to try there are exploring the vineyards, golf courses, experiencing a scenic drive, beach sailing, boating, surfing, and fishing.

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March 21, 2022


Your Vacation on the Beaches of Inverloch!!

A vacation spells the start of a time of relaxation, recuperation, renewal, and most importantly, spending quality time with family and loved ones. Vacations to any destination are much anticipated and full of excitement and expectations of a relaxing time, full of beautiful sights, amazing food and a relaxing atmosphere.

There are many such desirable vacation ideas planned by people all over the country, among which a beachfront family holiday at Inverloch is one of the most exciting ones. Whether you desire a leisurely walk by the beach watching the sunset with your partner or an exciting time of water sports by the ocean with your family, beachfront accommodation has it all, equipped for your stay to certainly be a memorable one.

Inverloch has no lack of activities for families and kids to have a fun day out, enjoy plenty of watersports, or take a walk along the beach shore with your partner while taking in the evening breeze. Here are a few of the activities that you can enjoy by the beachside:

Surfing: One of the most popular watersports all over the country. There is no way families visiting the beachside would miss out on some surfing. There are numerous services available that offer surfboards and other gear for hire. There are also surfing lessons for a variety of age groups that serve to occupy the young kids as well as give the adults a chance to engage in other activities.

Beach sports: There are a variety of beach sports that are played along the shore, all over the country. From beach cricket to beach volleyball, these sports are played among families, friends, and even strangers just looking to join in on the proceedings. Even though the sand makes even the most skilled people look clumsy, the charm of the entire activity lies in that very fact that it enables laughter and joy from the start to the end of every game.

Boating and Fishing: Leisurely yet engaging is the best way to describe both these activities. Fishing, in particular, helps to engage people of different age-groups and large age differences and provide a time of conversation with bouts of surprise and joy. Boating engages families, couples, friends, and sometimes even strangers.

Beach sailing boating: Boating, as talked about earlier, is a family-engaging activity and one that is loved all over the country. Most of Australia’s beaches enjoy a lovely flow of winds at moderate speeds, enabling sailboats to engage in beach sailing activities, including races and watersport activities like jet skiing, which is popular in the estuary at Inverloch.

Free diving: A little less known than most of the other activities on this list, but definitely one of the most engaging activities. You can go at it on your own or with a group. Free diving enables you to observe one of the most beautiful sights known to man under the surface of our waters.

At Whispering seas, we provide you with every chance to engage in all the above-mentioned activities, among others available at Inverloch. Our facilities are equipped to accommodate all the needs for upto 15 guests so as to ensure you and your family have a fantastic time during your stay.

Do visit our website to book your next vacation now.

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July 7, 2021


Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing Ideal Beach Front Family Holiday Accommodation

So you are planning a beach vacation with your close ones, but are confused about choosing the ideal accommodation that will give the best experience and the holiday. It needs to be understood that all holiday venues  are not the same. Hence, to help you make the right selection, check the facts given below, before  arriving at an informative decision.

The Family Inspired Venue  Amenities

In the case of amenities, there are several options to choose from. Every beach holiday venue offers complimentary Wi-Fi, which is a must for many families.    Many holiday venues don’t supply the linen and you make up your own beds. At Whispering Seas, Free Wi-Fi and Netflix and linen are supplied, with beds made up for guests prior to arrival.

Whispering Seas has access to vineyards and golf courses, which are located within 15 minutes of Inverloch. This is quite an attraction for those  who are  in vacation mode. At the same time, you would want to make sure the holiday venue is kid-friendly, since you may be taking your children on holidays with you.

Easy Access to Dining and Shopping

It is natural that we like to shop for souvenirs and other necessities whenever we are out traveling. So you would want a holiday venue which is near to a shopping mall or town centre so that you can buy things according to your desires. At Inverloch there are many cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and takeaway food outlets to choose from, plus Foodworks for your daily needs. At Whispering Seas, Wanderlust Catering can provide on-site, in-kitchen catering for guests.

Select a Holiday Venue that Offers Sports-related Activities

Over time, the quality of holiday venues, associated facilities and services have significantly improved. At Whispering Seas guests have access to a large games room with pool, football and ping-pong tables, fishing rods, bicycles, boogie boards and much more.

Eco-friendly Hotel

In contemporary times, a big concern for some people who care for the environment is choosing accommodation, which follow sustainable practices. Make sure to travel green by staying at an eco-friendly holiday accommodation. It can signify more than providing organic food choices in the dining area. At Whispering Seas, solar panels and heat pumps, natural gas and sensor lights have been installed so as to be more environmentally friendly.

Overall, choosing the right holiday venue is a significant part of planning your beach front vacation. There are +500 accommodations venues in Inverloch, but you need to remember the factors given above to make the right choice for your needs. The necessary condition to choosing a suitable venue is to ensure that it meets your holiday requirements. Also, it is essential to check the reviews and ratings before selecting a hotel.  A 5 Star rating and Super Host Status has been assigned by AirBNB to Whispering Seas, which specialises in providing quality family holidays at a beach front location, located 50m from the Inverloch Surf Club.

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