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March 21, 2022


Why It Is So Comfortable to Stay in A Safe Beach Front Family Holiday Resort

Finding and checking into holiday rental accommodation is now no longer a stressful matter in the current days. Today, almost all the accommodation facilities claim to provide the best facilities to the guests coming with their families. This means that the holiday accommodations extend their services to make the adults and kids happier at their premises.

The trip becomes more fascinating when you are going for a beach vacation. Most family members opt for summer or winter trips as they can enjoy quality time together with the children and get a lifetime experience. However, while choosing the accommodation, you should remember that not all the accommodation venues are perfect for a safe beachfront family holiday in Inverloch. Some holiday venues are not suitable for family trips; they are only designed for business get-togethers and parties.

It will not be a pleasant experience to stay in a single room with kids and other family members. Hence, families who are going with kids should find a perfect holiday accommodation with enough space and the opportunity for the kids to play and enjoy to the fullest. This is why most tourists choose the beachfront family resorts in Inverloch that have plenty of spaces, privacy, fun-filled activities, pools, BBQ facilities, and so on. One of the main advantages of choosing family-friendly hotels is that they provide facilities that allow the parents and their kids to have a great time and keep everyone happy all the time.

Beach Front Family Holiday Sports Safe for Kids 

Family-friendly destinations like Inverloch and its tourist accommodation facilities mainly have places where the kids get entertained in a safe environment. Such a venue allows the families and kids to have a great time without any disturbance. One of such locations is Whispering Seas, where some areas are fully dedicated for the kids to play and have a memorable time together with family members. The kids play under cover on the rear patio, and utmost privacy is also maintained. An additional game room is also there, where noise does not hinder the guests from relaxing.

Maintaining Hygiene Is Main

Another factor to consider when choosing a perfect beachfront family-friendly accommodation is hygiene. It is crucial mainly when you are travelling with kids. In such cases, almost all the family-friendly accommodations are best as they can take extra care of hygiene. If you long for peaceful and comfortable holiday, hygiene is vital for family trips. For example, at family-friendly accommodation like Whispering Seas, 15 guests can access 4 bathrooms with an endless clean HOT water supply.

Food Menu for Kids and Adults

One of the obvious reasons to stay at an accommodation that provides safe beachfront family holiday in Inverloch is the wide options of food offered. The accommodation should have a menu for both the kids and adults. At Whispering Seas, an on-site catering option is available, and they are offered by experienced chefs who make delicious food that is perfect for kids and adults. Ideal for birthday parties and stress free evening meals.

If you are visiting Inverloch on your next vacation, choosing a good beachfront family accommodation is great. Among all the choices, Whispering Seas is the best one. It provides many facilities to the guests who come to spend a memorable trip with kids and other family members. Some of the activities to try there are exploring the vineyards, golf courses, experiencing a scenic drive, beach sailing, boating, surfing, and fishing.

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October 25, 2021


Experience The Ultimate Peace Of Mind At The Lap Of The Sea At Your Dream Beach House

Making the right accommodation choice for your holiday is key as it can make or break your experience. If you are planning on backpacking in Inverloch with your family or friends, nothing could be more appropriate than a secluded beach house. A beach house in Inverloch is where you can find peace and tranquility without having no one around you to cause you discomfort.

As you are on your journey to heaven, why not enjoy your tour with peace of mind and let Whispering Seas take care of your accommodation needs? Our beach house is a perfect place to stay whether you are with a family, group of friends or even travelling solo. Let us walk you through one of our special attractions you get to experience during your stay.

Beach access

While this is a no-brainer, still we would like to harp on this factor as it is our showstopper. A perfect beach house is the one situated right in front of the ocean. So no matter whether you want to relax at the beachside or are planning to enjoy the sound of waves while sitting on the couch of your hotel, we got you covered. All you need is an intention to enjoy every moment of your stay.

Outdoor area

Are you one of those who want to spend as much time outside as possible? Well, with a nice outdoor space, Whispering Seas can help you achieve your goal of exploring every nook and cranny of the area. In addition, with a nice outdoor view of the sea, an exclusive dining space under the limitless sky, you get to spend some quality time with near ones.

Besides, there are lots of outdoor activities that you can enjoy such as Golf, Scenic Drive, Surfing, Fishing, Boating, Beach Sailing and whatnot.

Local experience

Without a doubt, Inverloch is the best beach destination and preferred among travellers across the world. While you are on your vacation, you must want to explore the local attractions or buy some souvenirs as gifts for your friends, colleagues, or family.

Also, if you are intrigued to taste some local food at Inverloch’s restaurants, by all means, go for it. Not to mention the small town is full of numerous cafes, hotels, novelty gift shops, bakeries, camping stores, a large supermarket and many more.

Spending quality time

Whispering Seas is your next best beach destination where you can spend your time listening to the sound of the waves and relax. Our beach house also allows you to go on a sunset or sunrise stroll along the beach.

Are you intrigued? Experience the divine beauty of the sea and the soothing sound of the surf at your doorstep at Whispering Seas. Then, book your next stay with us as we help you create wonderful memories that are worth remembering.

Please visit our website if you are willing to know more.

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October 1, 2021


The Mistakes You Should Avoid While Selecting a Family Holiday Accommodation in Inverloch

Arranging a holiday, whether for the extended family or the immediate one, is not easy. There are so many aspects and details you need to cover, that things become confusing at times. Moreover, in your hurry to plan the best family holiday ever, you may end up making multiple mistakes, which can ruin the plans. In short, without meticulous planning and checking every step numerous times, you may end up having less than a satisfactory vacation. Hence, you have to be careful and consider all the factors carefully before deciding on something. The first step will be selecting the destination. The next one is choosing the perfect family holiday accommodation in Inverloch.

Knowing About Inverloch and What it Has to Offer

If you have never been to Inverloch, Victoria, it will be nice to know that it is one of the most beautiful places on earth and perfect for a family vacation. Where the Tarwin River flows into Anderson Inlet, Venus Bay on the Bass Coast. Where the rolling green picturesque hills of Southern Gippsland flank the Southern Ocean, with rocky, rugged headlands and numerous secluded beaches.

Whether you are visiting for an extended weekend or a short midweek time away, or a proper holiday, Inverloch is ideal in every scenario. Inverloch is just a couple of hours drive from Melbourne; this place offers azure seas, golden sand and a tranquil environment for the visitors. It’s a water playground, with secluded beaches nestled into the rugged coast line.  Life here is laid back and the people are unhurried. The chance to live amongst such beauty has given people an entirely different attitude and perspective on life. You can be a part of this idyllic and quaint life style for a few days. Enjoy the colorful sunsets and sunrises and experience all the moods associated with the Southern Ocean, from tranquil fun loving waves to white capped rolling surf, which board rider hunger for.

The Mistakes You Should Avoid at Any Cost 

While planning for the family holiday to Inverloch, or any other destination for that matter, you should remember to handle your responsibility carefully. There are certain mistakes you cannot make, especially if the holiday is to become successful. The points you need to remember and avoid are:

You should never select and decide on a destination and vacation package without doing due diligence and gathering as much information on the place as possible. Travel time to destination, traffic jams experienced to popular destinations, serenity and tranquility of the destination.

Whispering Seas – Inverloch is on the Bass Coast about 1.5 hours from Melbourne CBD, down the Monash freeway and then Gippsland Hwy, avoiding the traffic jams to Philip Island. So you can drive to Inverloch after work on Friday, settle-in and enjoy the weekend.

Whispering Seas is ideally suited for family reunions, comfortably accommodating up to 15 guests, of all age groups. Grandparents have access to the downstairs Queen bedroom, with shower and toilet facilities which include stability rails for ease of access.

As you will be planning a family reunion or holiday, you should never take the activities lightly. You can either plan for different activities for different groups of people or one suitable for everyone. You should never select an activity that can make one group feel uncomfortable or uninterested.

Activities at Whispering Seas abound. Chillax on the balcony with a good book and wine or cycle to the Inverloch town center 3 kms away along a popular cycle way, and enjoy a coffee and lunch at any of the numerous eateries.

Whispering Seas is located on the beach front, opposite the Inverloch Surf Club. Consider walking across the road to the family friendly beach, for a swim or stroll along the beach, hunting seashells.

While considering entertainment and enjoyment for the whole family, you have to ensure that there is a separate section of the teenagers. If there isn’t one, you will have to consider more issues than initially thought.

Whispering Seas has a kid’s zone, which is undercover on the rear patio, plus a downstairs lounge/family room suitable for kids to play. Older kids have access to a detached games room with darts, pool, ping pong and fooz ball table.  Trikes and bikes, fishing rods and boogie boards are provided. There are 9 TVs throughout the house, two of which have unlimited access to Netflix. The upstairs lounge is a parental retreat, with external balconies front and rear, with ample seating, most suitable for sundowners.

Not checking safety measures and childproofing measures of the accommodation will be another mistake you should avoid. As a family, your group will have both old and young people. It won’t make sense to stay in separate accommodations while on vacation. Doing so will take away most of the fun from your quality time with family. Hence, you will have to look for a place to house all of you without any complications. Not doing so will be a mistake.

Whispering Seas provides a fully secure fencing and double gates to ensure young children don’t stray outside the property. Child proof gates and locks on stairs are also available.

Not checking the amenities and entertainment facilities the place promises to have will also be a mistake. Yes, the holiday is for enjoying the sights and tastes of the place you are visiting. However, you won’t like to do that constantly, and not everyone in the group will be interested in roaming around the area all day long. You have to ensure that the chosen accommodation is capable of entertaining everyone. Otherwise, the vacation won’t be as enjoyable for everyone.

Whispering Sea is ideally suited for all age groups and interests. Take a road trip to Wilsons Promontory or stroll the secluded beaches such as at Eagles Nest 5 minutes away. Cycle, swim, surf, fish or explore, Inverloch has it all.

Being Sure About What You are Booking 

Whenever you are looking for family-friendly accommodation, it is vital to determine if the place only advertises to be so or truly is. This will save you from many complications and grievances that may crop up during and after the vacation. For any additional information or to book the place for your next family holiday, please get in touch with Whispering Seas today; they can answer all your questions and assure you of the quality of their service.

Read guest reviews on the web page for Whispering Seas,

Book direct to reduce costs. Call your host Jan 0409961711, to discuss the services, facilities or make a reservation.

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July 20, 2021


Why You Should Choose Inverloch for Your Next Family Holiday Accommodation

Are you planning for a beachfront family holiday at Inverloch? Then, you have made the right selection. Staying at Inverloch not only provides you with the chance to rejuvenate yourself once again, but you can also get the opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your family members. However, while planning for a family trip, perfect planning, details and other aspects should be kept in mind. One of the most important points to consider is to find out the best family holiday accommodation at Inverloch.
Besides choosing the accommodation, you should also check the safety features at the destination as you are taking kids. Family trips demand privacy and choosing the accommodation facility that provides utmost safety and privacy to the kids and adults should be prioritised. At Inverloch, you can find several tourist opportunities and activities to enjoy that will not only make your kids and close ones feel good, but they will experience a memorable trip to cherish for their whole life. Today, in this blog, you will know why Inverloch is the perfect holiday destination for families and how to choose a family holiday accommodation.
Inverloch- The Ultimate Beachfront Spot to Rejuvenate
Inverloch is a place that is about 1.5-2 hours south of Melbourne, situated on the south coast in between Wilsons Promontory National Park and Philip Islands. This place provides ultimate fun to the kids and the whole family. This place has many activities to offer that involve swimming, fishing, cycling, boating, and surfing, enjoying the pristine beaches, and walking along the long trails.
Almost all the accommodation facilities are situated near the beach that allows the tourists to enjoy the beach whenever they want. Some of the other attractions of this place include the two golf courses and local wineries, Philip Island Chocolate Factory, Environmental and Discovery Centre and the rugged landscape of Wilson’s Promontory. As a traveller, you will love everything here.
Have A Memorable Experience In Inverloch
As said before, while you are planning for a family vacation to Inverloch, you should first choose the accommodation that provides facilities to make your vacation memorable and safe. Thus, when you are choosing the accommodation in Inverloch, you should choose the resort that is safe and sound and has all the amenities that are enough for the child to stay occupied. But, unfortunately, most families make the mistake of not choosing a kid-friendly resort in the first place, and after they visit, they regret it.
So, it is always advisable to weigh all the options carefully before making the final decision. Safety, security and happiness should be the main factors to keep in mind while choosing the resort or family holiday accommodation at Inverloch. This vibrant place has several coffee shops, two large bakeries, restaurants, novelty gift shops, camping stores and lots more.
Whispering Seas is said to be one of the most trusted, safe and family-friendly beachfront accommodations at Inverloch, and it is just perfect for your kids. Various room options are available here that starts from Ground Floor booking to the Entire House. Want to book? Visit the official site now.

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July 7, 2021


Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing Ideal Beach Front Family Holiday Accommodation

So you are planning a beach vacation with your close ones, but are confused about choosing the ideal accommodation that will give the best experience and the holiday. It needs to be understood that all holiday venues  are not the same. Hence, to help you make the right selection, check the facts given below, before  arriving at an informative decision.

The Family Inspired Venue  Amenities

In the case of amenities, there are several options to choose from. Every beach holiday venue offers complimentary Wi-Fi, which is a must for many families.    Many holiday venues don’t supply the linen and you make up your own beds. At Whispering Seas, Free Wi-Fi and Netflix and linen are supplied, with beds made up for guests prior to arrival.

Whispering Seas has access to vineyards and golf courses, which are located within 15 minutes of Inverloch. This is quite an attraction for those  who are  in vacation mode. At the same time, you would want to make sure the holiday venue is kid-friendly, since you may be taking your children on holidays with you.

Easy Access to Dining and Shopping

It is natural that we like to shop for souvenirs and other necessities whenever we are out traveling. So you would want a holiday venue which is near to a shopping mall or town centre so that you can buy things according to your desires. At Inverloch there are many cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and takeaway food outlets to choose from, plus Foodworks for your daily needs. At Whispering Seas, Wanderlust Catering can provide on-site, in-kitchen catering for guests.

Select a Holiday Venue that Offers Sports-related Activities

Over time, the quality of holiday venues, associated facilities and services have significantly improved. At Whispering Seas guests have access to a large games room with pool, football and ping-pong tables, fishing rods, bicycles, boogie boards and much more.

Eco-friendly Hotel

In contemporary times, a big concern for some people who care for the environment is choosing accommodation, which follow sustainable practices. Make sure to travel green by staying at an eco-friendly holiday accommodation. It can signify more than providing organic food choices in the dining area. At Whispering Seas, solar panels and heat pumps, natural gas and sensor lights have been installed so as to be more environmentally friendly.

Overall, choosing the right holiday venue is a significant part of planning your beach front vacation. There are +500 accommodations venues in Inverloch, but you need to remember the factors given above to make the right choice for your needs. The necessary condition to choosing a suitable venue is to ensure that it meets your holiday requirements. Also, it is essential to check the reviews and ratings before selecting a hotel.  A 5 Star rating and Super Host Status has been assigned by AirBNB to Whispering Seas, which specialises in providing quality family holidays at a beach front location, located 50m from the Inverloch Surf Club.

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April 5, 2021


Did You Know These Benefits of a Beach Vacation?

The first place to go for a vacation that comes to most people’s mind is usually a pristine beach with cool refreshing waters and gentle surf. However, very few know the benefits of a beach vacation for our physical and mental health. Moreover, many things can be done on a beach that is not possible in other tourist destinations. From sun tans to boosting your energy, a beach vacation offers a lot more than what appears to the eye. Learn more about the benefits you can enjoy when spending time on the beach.

The Sea Relaxes Your Mind and Body

There is nothing more peaceful than listening to the waves crashing on the shore and the sudden gust of wind that makes you feel refreshing. Many may think that it is just the imagination, yet studies prove that the advantages of going to the beach are heightened relaxation as the brain’s wave patterns show an actual calm state. The more people enjoy their time on the beach,  the more blood flows to the heart, as the mind relaxes. The increase in blood flow enhances the person’s alertness, proving that sea vacation increases our mental health significantly. However, it would be only great when you can book a beach front  house at Inverloch, such as Whispering Seas so as to experience the beauty of the sea without any hindrance.

Moreover, spending more time on the beach also helps people with the condition of insomnia. Mainly, enjoying more time on the beach calms the mind and releases dopamine in the body, helping people  enjoy a deep sleep, particularly  for people who cannot sleep at one stretch for a long time. Furthermore, it can’t be denied that most people are engaged in lots of activity on the beach like volleyball, and running that makes you feel exhausted afterwards. Such exhaustion offers a good night’s sleep, which in turn relaxes the body simultaneously. Similarly, the fresh air that caresses the body on the beach is filled with negative ions that positively impact the body’s capability to take in as much oxygen as possible. The high levels of oxygen in the body induce a deep level of relaxation, which is the main reason people sleep better after an entire day spent on the beach. It has been proven that a peaceful or relaxed state of mind remains for hours  and  even days after time  spent at the beach.

Soak Up Tons of Vitamin D

It is nothing new that when you spend an hour outside your home or office on a sunny day, it supplies a daily dose of Vitamin D. However, those days are gone because the streets are covered with the shadows of skyscrapers, and you don’t have time to go to the park for a morning walk. The only place is the beach where you can get lots of Vitamin D on a sunny day besides enjoying the view. Among the different advantages of Vitamin D, it is considered an essential component for ensuring the bones’ strength.

Overall, these are just the primary advantages of going on a sea vacation. However, it is also advised to find  good beach front accommodation, such as Whispering Seas at Inverloch so that you can enjoy your family reunion and holiday without any hindrance.

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February 14, 2020


Enjoy the Perfect Get Away with Your Family at Whispering Seas

The Inverloch Surf Club is just a few steps away from the beachfront Whispering Seas accommodation. Our family retreat provides the best beachfront accommodation for up to 15 guests and is ideal for family reunions. The location of Whispering Seas gives you the opportunity to explore Inverloch and the surrounding area from Cape Paterson to Wilsons Promontory. Look no further than our family holiday accommodation and its facilities for your perfect getaway, with your friends or family.

At Whispering Seas, you can enjoy unparalleled guest facilities at your leisure, while you relax at our beachfront retreat. It’s the best way to unwind and refresh your mind. If you are coming with kids, they can experience a great holiday as they can play lots of games in the dedicated games room. With the outstanding coastal landscape and scenery, Whispering Seas is the perfect choice for the holiday goers, who want to have a relaxing and luxurious holiday near the beach.

The Location of this Beachfront Accommodation

Whispering Seas is situated at Inverloch, Victoria on the southern coastline, mid-way between Philip Island and Wilsons Promontory. You can access this holiday accommodation by a scenic drive along the South Gippsland Highway towards Philip Island, then via historic coal mining town of Wonthaggi. The journey just takes about 1.5 hours from Melbourne CBD. On the return trip to Melbourne consider exploring the lush scenic hilly hinterland via Koorumburra.

While coming to this holiday retreat, you can visit the cheese factory, art galleries, wineries, underground coal mine tour at Wonthaggi, scenic rugged coastline of Cape Paterson, the coastal pinnacle of Eagles Nest and other tourist attractions.

Top Activities to Do At Whispering Seas

If you are planning to visit this accommodation facility, you can enjoy some of the topmost activities that will be liked by all. The activities to enjoy here includes;


Explore the entire three-kilometre long beachfront from Whispering Seas to Inverloch by bicycle, along a dedicated cycleway. Cycling is one of the best ways to discover the surrounding area and you may see a koala or two, a kangaroo, even an echidna along the way.


Residing near the beach will provide you with the opportunity to catch fish from the beach or the Inverloch jetty, which is a popular family-friendly venue for fishing. Fishing rods are provided for guests at Whispering Seas. If you love eating fish, it is the best activity you can do with your friends.

Playing Golf

Enjoy playing golf with your friends at this family holiday accommodation in Inverloch. Two local golf courses are located a short distance from Inverloch.

Visiting Local Wineries

While staying at this beachfront retreat, you can visit one of many local wineries in the area. At Harman, Wines enjoy a selection of wines, with delicious wood-fired pizza and live music overlooking the green lush Gippsland landscape.

Water Sports

Inverloch is unique in that it offers the choice of either tranquil inlet-estuary waters for swimming or the surfing beach in front of the Surf Club House. A local surf school at Inverloch teaches activities like board riding, windsurfing and kite surfing.  During the summer months, the family-friendly surf beach is patrolled by Life Savers, swim between the flags. Enjoy a scenic sundowner or coffee on the deck of the Surf Club, whilst watching families play beach cricket.

Shipwreck Hunting

The remains of the 1863 shipwreck of the Amazon can be seen at low tide on the beach about 300m west of Whispering Seas. It’s possible to find artefacts from the wreck washing ashore at any time.

Shell Collecting

An amazing assortment of shells wash ashore and at low tide, there is much enjoyment to be had by all collecting bucket loads of shells.

Dinosaur Hunting

At low tide the rock platforms near Eagles Nest – Cape Paterson are known to contain dinosaur footprints. This location is about 2 km from Whispering Seas and conducted tours are available.

Whispering Seas is one of the most preferred accommodation facilities in Victoria, Australia. You can experience a most memorable stay at this beachfront retreat with your family and kids. Guests have come from as far away as England and New Zealand for family reunions. Others have travelled from Canberra and many from Melbourne.

The venue could also be considered for corporate retreats, a girls getaway, golf buddies, fishing groups.

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