About Us

Your Hosts at Whispering Seas Inverloch, Phil & Jan

Since opening in November 2019, Whispering Seas has proved extremely popular for family reunions, with about 20 groups booking the facilities for about 250 guests during the first four months of operation.

Several of these guests pre-booking 12 months in advance.

We proudly hold the title of Superhost Status by AirBNB, awarded just four months after opening.

There is a beautiful story behind Whispering Seas and how it came to be. If you are interested please read on!

It Began With a Proposal 50 Years Ago

Whispering Seas had its origins in February 2019, as a result of a weekend road trip to Inverloch for a cup of coffee with my former fiance from 50 years ago, Jan, who said “NO” at the altar!
It’s a long catch up over coffee

We drove in through Korumburra and I was impressed by the rolling, undulating green pastures and windy mountain road through the hinterland of Inverloch.

This landscape was in stark contrast to the harsh featureless, monotonous hot deserts of Western Australia, where I had worked as a geologist for 35 long excruciating years

A True Love Story

I was stunned by the picturesque setting of Inverloch, the inlet views over tranquil blue waters, the wide yellow sandy beaches, flanked by tall stately pines. Gumtrees and knotted windswept tea trees hug the frontal dunes.

We stroll onwards along the coast towards the Surf Club, then onto Eagles Nest, a prominent solitary rocky pinnacle, standing majestically off-shore, threatened by the ebb and flow of the tides.

A passing thought, “This is much better than the Great Ocean Road”

Back at Inverloch the choice of coffee shops and bakeries made the mid-day coffee a tough decision.

We settled on the quaint little open front Beach Box, and it became obvious that Inverloch was a very vibrant community, humming with summer tourists.

I’m awestruck, serene and excited, is this my sea-change!

As we walk back to my car we pass by chance upon an home-open flag flying opposite the Inverloch Surf Club, 100m from the seafront.

Why not, let’s have a peak.

My adrenalin begins to pump, is this what I have been looking for all these years. My pulse rate, what’s happening? DEAL DONE!

Next morning, “What have I done? Are you sure”?

And so my Sea-Change Began in February 2019.

Settlement July‘19, followed by three months of feverish activity renovating the house. Jan swinging the chainsaw in the garden and after multiple attempts wildlife is evicted from the ceiling and wall cavities.

Whispering Seas opens as an AirBnB property in November 2019 and by February 2020 we have had numerous bookings, with 100% positive reviews.

March 2020 and it’s all looking good. I try a second time, coaxing Jan back to Pensioners Point “delaying the trip back to Melbourne”. She protests!

A wet log on the beach, now I am on one knee and this time…..

She says… YES!

The original engagement ring from 50yrs ago somehow miraculously survived the passage of time. It was either going to land in the channel this time or on her finger.

We are enjoying our house, Whispering Seas, taking mid-day walks along the beach, finding pieces of the Amazon, an 1863 shipwreck washed up in front of Whispering Seas.

I now have time to go fishing, and explore Eagles Nest, videoing the scene and recording the soothing sound of wavelets rippling across the rock platform.

For more ideas on please visit our activities age.

I look forward to a red wine by the fire during the winter months.