A Guideline to Playing Golf During Your Next Holiday at Inverloch

By whisperingseas

May 3, 2022


A Guideline to Playing Golf During Your Next Holiday at Inverloch

It is not surprising to know that Inverloch is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Bass Coast, located 1.5 hours’ drive south of Melbourne. From seaside and underwater activities to luxurious dining experiences, it is clear that Inverloch has a lot to offer to welcome its guests. However, the vineyards and golf courses near Inverloch are truly something special owing to its breathtaking views and highly convenient, easy-to-use facilities.

The relevance of location

Golf is one of the only sports that is not played on a standardized playing surface. This means that assuming you can play gold anywhere. However, there is a certain unique feeling when you play golf in exotic and unique locations. Seeing that it depends on the terrain where it is played, the location is a factor in determining the quality of the game. Furthermore, due to the game not being fast-paced, it allows the players to view the terrain interact with the wildlife e.g. kangaroos and koalas and adjust their game accordingly. This affords a lot of leisure time to appreciate your surroundings.

Structure of a golf course

A golf course comprises 9 or 18 holes. First, the game starts on a teeing ground and finishes when the golfer gets his ball into the hole that is cut into the ground on the green or putting surface. The presence of a flagstick allows you to quickly locate the hole.

Each individual hole has a par of 3, 4, or 5, although there are a few rare exceptions to this rule. For example, with a “par-four” or a longer “par-five” hole, the players will aim to hit the fairway with their first shot prior to attempting to reach the green with their following strokes. On a “par-three”, a player will attempt to strike the ball directly from the teeing ground onto the green.

The staff that are responsible for the care of the golf course include highly trained individuals that are responsible for the facilities’ prime assets. The required skill set to care for a course is quite extensive, thereby covering many disciplines.

These different heights of grass are cut between the teeing ground and green, increasing the difficulty and punishing bad shots. The tee, in particular, provides a level stance and closely mown grass, allowing the golfer to have every chance to make a decent attempt for the first stroke at each hole. The green is always the area most closely mown, creating a smooth surface suitable for putting.

Urban Versus Resort Setting

Typical urban golf courses are about 110–120 acres, while courses in resort areas maybe 170–190 acres.

Rough Area

These rough areas, on most golf courses, take up about 60% of the total space of courses, including all out-of-play areas and hazards—the average size needed being 66.8 acres.


About 29% of a golf course is dedicated to the fairway.

Driving Range

The driving range on most of these courses takes up about 6% of the total space, requiring an average of 7.1 acres. Not all these courses have a driving range. Assuming the space is limited, the driving range may not always be an option.

Tees and Greens

It is one of the vital parts of golf courses—the tees and greens take up about 5% of the total space. On average, these particular areas require about 6 acres.

At Whispering Seas – Inverloch, we provide you with an overall relaxing atmosphere to allow you to rest and recharge as much as you need. Both vineyards and golf courses are located about 15 minutes away. Harman Wines offers woodfired pizzas on weekends and the Devils Dam par 3 golf course is 10 minutes away from Whispering Seas.

Our blend of relaxing accommodation facilities and engaging activities aims to lead to an enriching holiday experience. Book your trip by visiting us on our website www.whisperingseas.com.au

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