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August 19, 2021


Why Beach Front Family Holiday Accommodation Is the Perfect One to Choose

A great family holiday experience depends mainly on whether you have booked the kind of accommodation that you are looking for.

If you plan your next holiday trip to Inverloch and thinking to book a beachfront accommodation, knowing certain vital factors are a must. When it comes to family holiday accommodation at Inverloch, Victoria, it is very important to know the benefits of choosing the same.

Reasons to Book a Beachfront Apartment Over Hotels

Beachfront Rentals Are Perfect For the Beach Lovers

Beachfront rental apartments are a good choice for travellers who want to enjoy the beach to the fullest. You get to enjoy the sand between your toes, wind in your hair, the refreshing water/surf and the fantastic views of beaches, coastline and nature. You might see local wildlife such as koalas and kangaroos. You will take a few steps out of the door and have the beach welcome you. Beachfront accommodations sometimes have beach-facing patios. At Whispering Seas Inverloch bedrooms open onto the upstairs balcony, with ocean glimpses through the trees and sound of the rolling surf sooths the mind, as you relax on the comfortable couches, enjoying a wine and nibbles.

You Can Have Easy Access to the Sea

Beachfront holiday rentals are a great way to enjoy the beach and relax under the sun. Whether you are travelling with your dear ones, family, friends, or partner, having direct access to the beach is the best experience for a family holiday. No need to pack up the car to drive the last kilometre to the beach. At Whispering Seas, simply walk 50m across the road to the Invy Surf Club, and enjoy the safety of the family friendly beach, which is patrolled by life-guards throughout the summer holidays.
At Whispering Seas, the beach facing upper balcony and lower veranda have comfortable chairs and tables to enjoy the mid-day or evening meal. The patio in-front has seating for 12-15 guests, shaded by umbrellas, with a large gas BBQ for your summer meals.

Travellers who want to escape from the chaos of city life quietly can have a great time in private beachfront accommodation, such as Whispering Seas, which has a large games room for the big kids to enjoy.

You Can Spend Quality Time with Your Family

In a beachfront rental, you will have private balconies and entrances. That means you do not have to walk through the lobby every time you get back to the hotel. Besides, you get the opportunity to enjoy quality time with family in a quiet place surrounded by a mesmerizing view of the sea and nature. Apart from these, beachfront condos are an ideal choice as they have fewer people than hotels.
Whispering Seas comfortably accommodates upto 15 guests and is ideal for family reunions, catering to the needs of young children, parents and grandparents.

You will get a home-like feeling

Beachfront rentals provide guests with the comfort of home. They have comfortable living rooms and spacious bedrooms, ideal for a relaxing vacation. You can also rekindle your senses, opt for some pampering in the well-set bathrooms, and enjoy steam baths.
Whispering Seas provides two separate lounges, down stairs for the kids and their toys and a parental retreat upstairs. Whispering Seas caters for the grandparents, by having easy rear access, downstairs queen size bedroom and bathroom/shower and toilet, with hand rails to make movement more safe and secure. Double handrails are provided for the stairwell upstairs, which access the parental retreat and cosy fireplace for the winter nights.

A memorable holiday to remember

Staying in a beachfront condo means you have private access to the beach, first-class restaurants, and a community of various travelling groups. This means that your holiday experience is unique and most remembered as you get along with visitors from different parts of the world.

Holiday beach house rentals are known for their privacy, access to sea, unmatched customer service, and courteous staff. If your idea is to enjoy your next holiday in a rented apartment near a beach, make sure you plan everything ahead.

Whispering Seas provide you with the opportunity to get the excellent beach views with your family. Whether you plan your next family reunion, weekend getaway, corporate gathering or a club house outing, book our accommodation at Whispering Seas and enjoy comfortable facilities at an affordable price. Our hassle-free booking process gives you peace of mind. Book direct and not pay the 25% agents booking fee.

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August 18, 2021


The Ultimate Summer Beach House Booking Tips

So you have decided to take a family beach vacation this year. If you are looking to have fun together, enjoy a spacious kitchen island for breakfast, post-beach naps or witness the sunrise or sunset, and then you probably want to rent a beach house.
When is the right time to rent a beach house?
When you plan to rent a beach house at your favourite coastal destination, autumn is the perfect time for a booking. However, the need for socially distanced vacations has made a beach house an even more popular vacation option for most travellers.
How much does a beach house cost you?
A beach house rental may not be as expensive as you may think. The price of beach house in Inverloch depends on the following factors:
• Beach houses in uber-popular destinations;
• The closer you are to the beach, the more you need to pay for your one-of-a-kind beach home, especially if it is an oceanfront one;
• A one-bedroom cottage is cheaper than a mansion;
• High-end amenities, such as a private pool, theatre room, elevator, will cost you extra;
• Large houses accommodation more guests (say 15) usually reduces the cost per guest per night, particularly during the mid-week, shoulder and low-seasons. Say low-season rates of say $500/night, costs $34 per night per person for 15 guests. During the super peak Xmas season a beach house may cost $1000/night, which costs $67/night/person. This is about half the daily cost for a motel room at Inverloch.
• Whispering Seas accommodates upto 15 guests and is ideal for family reunions, holidays and club outings as the cost per person is usually about half the cost of a motel.
Take the time to set a budget and stick to it. For example, renting a beach house is more affordable than renting multiple hotel/motel rooms.
The key to not blowing your travel budget is defining your quintessential house features and the high-end add-ons you may consider such as spacious modern kitchen, spacious comfortable bedrooms and lounge rooms, games room, Netflix, fireplace for winter nights, reverse cycle air conditioning in all rooms, TV in all rooms, ample secure off street parking, securely fenced kid friendly yard, proximity to facilities and services such as shops restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and proximity to the beach and cycle way. These features are provided at Whispering Seas.
Create a list of vacation rental must-haves
Consider the group that will stay with you in the beach house and compile a list of must-have items. For example, if you are travelling with older members with difficulty using stairs, you will prefer a beach house with an elevator or a one-story. Another essential factor is off-street parking, especially if your group has multiple vehicles. At Whispering Seas the facilities are suitable for grandparents, with secure hand grips located in bathrooms, showers and toilets to facilitate stability. Rear access is by a paved low angle pathway, suitable for a Zimmer frame or wheel chair access via the rear sliding doors.
Once your list of essential features is created, it is time to think about fancy upgrades like a rooftop deck or hot tub. At Whispering Seas the upstairs balconies are suitable for summer sundowners or winter mid-day meals.
Consider a luxury feature
While checking out your beach rental options, private beach access is a luxury feature to consider. Once you create a list of what luxury features you are after, consider indulging in them. Maybe you fancy a beachfront porch with a sunset view, or a firepit is all you dream about.
Consider off-seasons for savings
Beach house prices are higher during the summer months. If you have the flexibility to your travel schedule, book your beach house for a week before or shortly after the peak season. You will get a lower rate, and it will be less crowded.
Are you planning your next summer vacation at Inverloch, Victoria? Try your luck at Whispering Seas, an ideal 5 Star beach house destination, which accommodates upto 15 guests. This will suit your budget regardless of season and exceed your holiday wishes.
Visit our website for more details and exciting offers. Book direct and save $$, phone Phil 0439412613 to discuss possibilities.

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August 14, 2021


The Importance of a Kid Friendly Accommodation During Vacation Cannot be Overstated

Backpacking around a few countries or continents or enjoying a vacation with your partner, or going for a yearly retreat with your family, everything has its merits. All of these occasions are special and will hold a special place in your heart. However, there is also no denying that your priorities tend to change once you have a kid or more in your life. With a kid, you cannot roam around in places that are not safe for them. Therefore, backpacking with kids is not an option in most cases. Though there are exceptions, most parents prefer proper accommodations for their vacations. Hence, the importance of kid friendly accommodation in Inverloch. Whispering Seas has specialised in providing secure kid friendly accommodation, with plenty of toys to entertain them with not at the beach and during wet weather.
The need for different things for different people

Despite travelling and enjoying quality time together, there will be chances and need to do different things. For instance, you may wish to take some rest after having your lunch, and the kids may not want to have a nap. They may require a space to play and some games to occupy them within the accommodation you have booked. Finding a kid friendly place will allow your children to remain happy and content without you worrying about their safety and security. When you have booked a place where your child will stay entertained, you can take a rest for a little while. It does not mean abandoning them to their ways, but there will be the option to relax for a bit. At Whispering Seas the trikes are a huge hit with the kids, they race along the paved circuit around the house and along the driveway. The games room has Foozball, coutes, darts, ping pong and pool to keep them occupied. With nine TVs in the house, pick your own channel or watch Netflix.
Looking into possible options before choosing

When you are planning for a vacation and looking into possible accommodations in that place, it is necessary to find something that suits you perfectly. In a place like Inverloch, there will be multiple options for your stay. From beachfront hotels to quaint homestays and many more, there are hundreds of choices at Inverloch. However, you have to ensure the one you are choosing is not only family-friendly but kid-friendly. Depending on their age, keeping a child entertained and occupied can be tricky. For example, you need to carry some of their favourite toys during a vacation, but you cannot take everything they play with at home. Hence, you will have to check if the place you are staying is suitably prepared for the responsibility or not. Whispering Seas is tailor made for families with young children, through to teenagers. Even big kids are catered for.
Gathering all relevant information on the topic

If required, you will have to contact the place you are about to book for your stay during vacation and find out their definition and arrangements of being kid-friendly. You will have to ask them questions regarding food, entertainment, child-proofing of the place and other safety measures. For instance, when visiting Inverloch, the ocean will be a considerable part of your vacation and enjoyment. It is also necessary to remember that you will have to be very careful about the dips in the water and any other activities in the water or on the beach. Apart from that, there will be plenty of time left, and your child can get bored. So, you have to look for a place which will provide enough options for them not to get bored. Whispering Seas is unique in that it is located only 100m from family friendly surf patrolled beach, with well-equipped life guards on station during the summer, through to the Easter long weekend. So Whispering Seas is not only a kid friendly accommodation but is located in-front of the Inverloch Surf Club. Select a wet suite, select one of the nine boogie boards and amble off to the beach, bring back your seashells, enjoy a beach shower or hot bath tub.
Features of a place that suits the most

Usually, if the place you are staying is large enough, there are entertainment rooms filled with games and movies, if the whole place is dedicated to your family’s stay, then your child will already be in a better spirit. Adding a mesmerising view of the ocean and complete security for the kids without making them feel caged or in any way confined is the best choice you can have at Inverloch, and Whispering Seas offer precisely that. For further information or to book the place for your next vacation, contact them today.

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August 10, 2021


What Should be Your Choice of Food When Visiting Beach Restaurants in Inverloch?

If someone asks you the question mentioned above, then you will consider it as a rhetorical question, as a primary reason for visiting a sea beach is to enjoy fresh seafood. If you are not living in a place close to the sea, then the seafood you are getting to eat cannot be that fresh. It is not always about the money you are paying for the dish; it is more about your involvement with the dish, apart from eating. So, when you are visiting one of the beach restaurants in Inverloch, you will get to enjoy gorgeous and fresh seafood, along with an unparalleled experience.
A vacation at Inverloch will have much to offer
Whether alone, with your partner or family, every holiday and vacation brings new memories, and all of them are cherished for life. There are certain occasions, though, which are more memorable and gives you a fresh bout of life whenever the memories are revisited. A visit to Inverloch falls in this latter category. A vacation at Inverloch is not only unique because you will get to enjoy pristine beaches and azure sea, but because of the atmosphere of the place and how it will impress you with a combination of nature, beauty and life. Moreover, fresh seafood will be abundant.
The need to try new food and cuisines
Whenever you visit a new place, finding out the cuisine and food scenario of that place is necessary. No matter where you are visiting and for how long you will need to eat, and despite saying otherwise, many memories are inspired by food. Whether they love to eat or not, people want to try new cuisines and dishes, and the best chance of that happens when they are visiting somewhere. Moreover, the fun and happiness one enjoys while sharing food with a loved one is also cherished throughout life. It also brings the chance to get a little adventurous. Enjoy Japanese, Chinese and other cuisines at the many and varied eateries at Inverloch.
The importance of trying fresh and delicious seafood
For instance, you may not have access to excellent and fresh seafood at home, but at Inverloch, you will have as much as you want. If you wish, it will be possible to cook and eat, but that will take away from your time to roam around. Yes, Inverloch is not a very large town, that’s the beauty of the place, but in summer the vibes are exciting as the holiday visitors are enjoying themselves immensely. Inverloch is a water playground, where river, estuary and ocean meet. Vast expanses of water suitable for sailing, kite surfing, boating, sailing, canoeing, paddle boarding, and surfing the breaks. The beaches and shorelines are humming with activity. Even the occasional whale is seen near shore.
People love to visit Inverloch because of the open sea, natural beauty and wildlife it offers. It makes more sense to walk nature trails or beach and lie in the sand, enjoying the sun, instead of cooking food for every meal. Hence, the restaurants are a perfect place for the mid-day or evening meal. Book early as during the summer holidays mum doesn’t cook either, as she is on holiday too. So boys if you didn’t catch a fish, organize a table booking, alternatively a BBQ or take away if you leave your run too late.
Knowing about your options before making the selection
There are several restaurants at Inverloch. All of them offer some of the most delicious and satisfying platters of seafood for you to enjoy. The Invy pub is exceptionally popular with tourists and locals. Here the seafood is superb! Whether alone or as a couple or as a whole family visiting any of these places will be enough to secure a gorgeous and sumptuous seafood meal. You will also find subtle differences in the dishes. The cuisine may not be entirely unknown, but there is no denying that the taste will be different. From local influence on the food to the availability of fresh seafood and the warmth of people of the area, everything will come together to create an unparalleled eating experience. Hence, your choice of food should be the available seafood if you are not allergic to any of them.

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