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April 19, 2021


Reasons Why You Should Go for an Inverloch Beach Holiday to De-Stress and Rewind

Enjoying a beach holiday– feeling the sea breeze blowing on your face, salt tickling your nose and the sound of the seagulls flocking in the  distance.

Yes, the beach holidays are great, more so when you get the chance to enjoy the tasty food at the beach restaurants in Inverloch or any other beach locations. These holidays are great for your soul and body. You work hard all year long to earn days off and then go for a relaxing holiday. Hence, choosing the perfect holiday destination is very important to revive your body, soul  and renew your mind.

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Choose a Beach Destination for Your Next Holiday

Mental Wellbeing

Contemplating by the water indeed feeds up your soul. The massive view of the ocean water offered, called the “blue space” by some travel enthusiasts, actually relaxes your mind. If you sit for hours at the beach, you will feel good, and all your stress and tension will go away. All problems seem to melt and eventually bring peace to your mind. You are biologically wired  to have a beach holiday!

Rest and Rewind Soul and Body

While most travellers say that beach drains your body and soul and it provides you with perfect relaxation in a true sense. For example, if you come back to your home and take a shower, you will generally feel that all your stress pass away  and you feel refreshed again. The true sense of relaxation brings your life back and you become more productive once you come back on track again.

Get The Opportunity to Explore the Ocean

If you love adventures, then beach holidays are great. You get an opportunity to explore the ocean by trying out various activities that include snorkelling, sailing, boating, jet skiing, scuba diving, fishing and lots more. Inverloch is a water playground for young and old. Whether you are going for a romantic gateway with your partner or going with the family and kids, enjoying all the beach activities is truly exciting and enthralling. There is so much to do at beaches, like getting tans, reading books, relaxing, and taking catnaps.

Enjoying The Fresh Air

Most of you work in a confined space with fluorescent light; there is no such open space or natural light. But when you are going for a beach holiday, you can enjoy natural light, fresh air and lots of space. Take a break, go for a beach holiday, and enjoy nature whole heartedly.

If you are going for a beach vacation, choosing the best accommodation is the foremost criteria. Various accommodation facilities are available such as  hotels, resorts and rented villas. One such is the Whispering Seas, a beachfront holiday rental at

Inverloch on the Bass Coast of Victoria, which is located 1.5hrs from Melbourne, via the South Gippsland Highway. Whispering Seas provides various opportunities to the travellers to enjoy a beach holiday with family and friends. This beachfront house is located on Surf Parade at Inverloch, opposite the Inverloch Surf Club, whose members patrol the beach over the summer months..  Guests can book direct  and upto 15 guests can enjoy spacious accommodation, which is most suitable forfamily reunions, corporate gatherings, wellness retreats and club outing.

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April 14, 2021


Sailing for The First Time? Here Is What You Need to Know

If you have been feeling adventurous for a while now, you might want to go sailing. Sailing can be a rewarding hobby.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Stress relief and mindful exercise in a peaceful environment
  • Improved muscle strength and flexibility
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Effective cardio training and exercise

Beach sailing and boating in Inverloch is a once in a lifetime experience. Like any other activity, there are essential things you want to learn about before embarking on the voyage  for the very first time. Whether you are heading on a day cruise, want to master the skills for a boat charter or after a week-long exploration, you want to make sure you are safe. This suggests you need know certain things to ensure your safety during the experience.

Know the area well before sailing       

Each destination has its own share of attractions that could impact your sailing experience. Are you going somewhere far? Is the water choppy? Pay close attention to every little detail to make sure you have a joyful trip ahead.

Choose the type of boat 

For first-time sailors, it is vital to recognize the three primary charter experiences to choose from. Bareboat chartering is not for newbies as it only offers bare-bones for the ride. Skippered charters are an excellent option for small vessels with a professional captain.

However, the most joyful ride experience will be on a crewed charter. Here you do not have to worry about anything else because the crew does all the work.

Choose the right footwear for sailing

Boats will get slippery. This is why you want to carry boat shoes on board. Choose rubber-soled shoes and slippers that completely cover your toes. These are the best option for preventing injuries. Flip flops are also a good choice for first-time riders.

Carry sun and water apparel   

A full-day sailing on the water means you are exposed to a lot of sunlight and seawater. This is the reason why you want to carry sunglasses, protective clothing, and sunscreen while going sailing. Take a bathing suit as well in case you plan to jump in the water.

Do you have motion sickness?

Looking at the horizon and avoiding certain foods are some basic ways to prevent motion sickness. You may want to bring medicines if you know that you suffer from motion sickness. If you do not prefer taking medications, wearing wristbands is an option.

Know about the intricacies of sailing

Learn your sailing vocabulary to establish communication between you and the crew. You want to learn about important words before going sailing on the ocean e.g. port, starboard, stern, bow etc.

Store important items in a waterproof sack         

In order to make sure your personal belongings are safe while you sail, do not forget to store them in a waterproof bag. This will ensure the safety of essential items like a camera, phone and more.

Sailing is a satisfying experience one can ever have. If you are pretty sure about doing this, make sure you keep the above-mentioned factors in mind.


Man-overboard beacons are relatively cheap, these allow the boat to turn around and relocate you in the open ocean. Travel with a GPS, two-way radio, phone and flares.

Inflatable life vests are essential and stay tethered to the sailing boat at all times if practical.

Devise a travel plan, scheduled return time and leave your contact details with your vehicle at the boat ramp, family or friends and sea rescue.

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April 8, 2021


What are the Top Relaxing Things You Can Do on a Beach Vacation?

When you are working for months in your office without taking a break, the only comforting thought that comes to mind is vacation. Sitting before the desktop, the most common place where we think to rejuvenate our mind and body is none other than the beach. However, it is also true that once the kids have visited the beach many times, they tend to hesitate going on beach vacations. So if you are worried whether your kids will find it boring on a beach vacation, here are the top things you can do to make your beach trip full of thrill and excitement.

 Build a Sandcastle

You may have seen others building a sandcastle or in the movies, yet you have never thought of doing it with your little kids. Building sandcastles at the seashore is truly exciting particularly when the children take great interest in it too. In order to build a sandcastle, no special tools are required. All you need is sand, water, and your hands are enough to make beautiful castles that will etch beautiful moments in your memory. Also, make sure to build a deep moat around your castles so that it stays protected from the rising tides that melts it with a single wave. It is the best way to spend a family holiday at Whispering Seas in Inverloch, on the Bass Coast in Victoria.

Cast a Line

Fishing is another way of having a great time on the beaches. If you have never done it, then maybe this is the right time to pick up a new hobby that your kids may find interesting. There are also fishing tours that you need to book before arriving at the location. It is the best way to learn your fishing skills,  plus  fish at the popular fishing spots. The Anderson Inlet fishing club at Inverloch beckons. Don’t worry because they provide all the guidelines so that you can catch a fish without much waiting. There is also an annual fishing competition at Anderson Inlet, with tagged fish worth $$$ if caught as prize money.

Collect Seashells

Another thrilling activity along the seashore is collecting seashells. People who have this habit of collecting seashells often find unique shells, which are nothing less than a rare catch. It is a no-brainer activity, and all you need is a container to collect the shells. It can be a cup, pail, or bag, but make sure to collect dead shells only because it is illegal in many places to collect live shells. Low tide is a good time to collect shells, particularly near rock platforms.  You can also make shell collecting fun by buying a book on seashells and finding the names of shells you have found. There is a shell museum at Inverloch with a vast collection of shells from around the world.

Play a Game

Even though playing games on the sea beach is very common, many people cannot convince themselves to stretch their legs on vacation. However, it is a great way to spend time if you are feeling bored on vacation. Games like beach cricket, volleyball, Frisbee, or a game of catch are some great ways to spend some quality time with your friends or family members.

Finally, never forget to catch the sunrise or sunsets on a beach because it is one of the beautiful moments that one can experience during a beach vacation. Make sure that you have a camera with you to capture those beautiful landscape shots that Inverloch is reknown for, where the storms of the Southern Ocean, meet Anderson Inlet and the rugged Bass Coast. The blues and greens give way to red and crimson during sunsets and sunrises overlooking Venus Bay at Inverloch.

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April 5, 2021


Did You Know These Benefits of a Beach Vacation?

The first place to go for a vacation that comes to most people’s mind is usually a pristine beach with cool refreshing waters and gentle surf. However, very few know the benefits of a beach vacation for our physical and mental health. Moreover, many things can be done on a beach that is not possible in other tourist destinations. From sun tans to boosting your energy, a beach vacation offers a lot more than what appears to the eye. Learn more about the benefits you can enjoy when spending time on the beach.

The Sea Relaxes Your Mind and Body

There is nothing more peaceful than listening to the waves crashing on the shore and the sudden gust of wind that makes you feel refreshing. Many may think that it is just the imagination, yet studies prove that the advantages of going to the beach are heightened relaxation as the brain’s wave patterns show an actual calm state. The more people enjoy their time on the beach,  the more blood flows to the heart, as the mind relaxes. The increase in blood flow enhances the person’s alertness, proving that sea vacation increases our mental health significantly. However, it would be only great when you can book a beach front  house at Inverloch, such as Whispering Seas so as to experience the beauty of the sea without any hindrance.

Moreover, spending more time on the beach also helps people with the condition of insomnia. Mainly, enjoying more time on the beach calms the mind and releases dopamine in the body, helping people  enjoy a deep sleep, particularly  for people who cannot sleep at one stretch for a long time. Furthermore, it can’t be denied that most people are engaged in lots of activity on the beach like volleyball, and running that makes you feel exhausted afterwards. Such exhaustion offers a good night’s sleep, which in turn relaxes the body simultaneously. Similarly, the fresh air that caresses the body on the beach is filled with negative ions that positively impact the body’s capability to take in as much oxygen as possible. The high levels of oxygen in the body induce a deep level of relaxation, which is the main reason people sleep better after an entire day spent on the beach. It has been proven that a peaceful or relaxed state of mind remains for hours  and  even days after time  spent at the beach.

Soak Up Tons of Vitamin D

It is nothing new that when you spend an hour outside your home or office on a sunny day, it supplies a daily dose of Vitamin D. However, those days are gone because the streets are covered with the shadows of skyscrapers, and you don’t have time to go to the park for a morning walk. The only place is the beach where you can get lots of Vitamin D on a sunny day besides enjoying the view. Among the different advantages of Vitamin D, it is considered an essential component for ensuring the bones’ strength.

Overall, these are just the primary advantages of going on a sea vacation. However, it is also advised to find  good beach front accommodation, such as Whispering Seas at Inverloch so that you can enjoy your family reunion and holiday without any hindrance.

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