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March 19, 2021


What are the Comforts of Staying in a Family-friendly Accommodation?

Checking into holiday rental accommodation with your family is no longer a stressful experience in contemporary times. Today, most rental accommodation advertise that they provide the best facilities for people coming with their families. This means holiday venue nowadays is going out of their way to make the kids and parents happy. The trip becomes interesting when you are going on a beach vacation.  For most families, parents make vacation plans during summer and winter months so as to enjoy some good quality time with their children or offer them a thrilling experience.

However, it is also true that some holiday venues are not suitable for a family vacation because they are designed for either business trips and couples vacation. It is not a pleasant experience for two kids to sleep on one single bed for the entire holiday. Hence, people going on holidays with their family should search for children or a family-friendly accommodation when planning their trip, which focus family entertainment and make the guests feel at home all the time. Hence, families can enjoy their holiday pleasantly. It is because of these reasons, people choose safe beachfront family holiday accommodation at Inverloch, such as Whispering Seas, which can accommodate upto 15 guests and is ideal for family reunions, catering for the needs of all age groups

The main advantage of booking these family friendly venues is that facilities allow parents and children to have a fantastic time and keeps both children and parents happy 24/7. A happy wife is a happy life. Mum wants a holiday too.

Spots Where You Can Leave Your Children

Family-friendly accommodation usually has places where you can keep your children entertained in a safe environment. Such venues also allow families and kids to have a fantastic vacation without any hindrance. At Whispering Seas the property is fully fenced, with dedicated undercover, kid safe play areas at the rear of the house and inside. A detached games room is also available, where noise and entertainment doesn’t impact on the guests relaxing in the rest of the house.


Another critical factor that is important to consider is hygiene when you are travelling with your children. In such scenarios, family-friendly venues are the best choice because they take extra care in ensuring hygiene inside. A pleasant holiday experience is also dependent on the hygiene of the place. At Whispering Seas 15 guests have access to 4 bathrooms, with an endless supply of hot water.


Food Menus with Items of Children

A significant advantage of staying at family-friendly venues is that they have food options for the children too. At Whispering Seas, on-site catering is provided by the Wanderlust Chefs, who provide a wide range of meal and cooking services for all occasions.

Inverloch has a wide range of eateries to choose from, noodle bars, Chinese and Japanese dining and takeaways, not to mention the bakeries, ice cream and numerous coffee shops.

At Inverloch, parents do not have to worry about finding the right foods for their children. Hence, they can order the right foods for their kids with peace of mind.

There are two hotels at Inverloch where the dining is superb. All the staff in these hotels are trained to provide satisfactory services to guests coming with their families. One hotel even has a kid play station, which is very popular for family groups. Whichever accommodation venue you choose, make sure to check their reviews and ratings before making any reservations.

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March 17, 2021


Everything You Wanted to Know Regarding Choosing Accommodation with a Sea View

Many travellers had happened that when they arrived at the hotel, their rooms’ view is not what they had anticipated. Top hotel booking websites offer a brief account of the room with some photos and prices. In many cases, the view from the hotel is not mentioned. In such scenarios, it is wise to check with the hotel representative to ensure that the room you are booking overlooks the sea. Nothing feels better than waking up to the view of the sea on a beach vacation.

Learn more about the things to consider when booking a room with a sea view online


Whether you are visiting for the first time or don’t know about booking rooms for a beach vacation, ask your friends and relatives for recommendations. Talking to other people who have been to the place where you plan to go is one of the best ways to gather information and plan accordingly. Whispering Seas in Inverloch is a popular because it provides beach front accommodation, which can accommodate upto 15 guests. Whispering Seas known for its excellent facilities and pleasant environment. Suppose your friends recommend a particular place where they have had a fantastic time; note down the names, addresses, and contact numbers for your advantage. Another advantage of getting suggestions from others is that you may find people who may tell you how to get discounts. Overall, discussing with others is an excellent way of finding accommodation facilities when planning a beach vacation.

Search Online

Searching on the internet is the most obvious way of finding the ideal accommodation for a vacation. So when you are exploring through a booking website, choose the right filters that will show results according to your needs. So if you are looking for accommodation with entertainment facilities, beach front, sea-facing rooms, games room, pool, make sure to select these options before searching for accommodation in Inverloch. Also select your check-in and check-out date, so that you can choose amongst the lodging places that have not been booked yet. It is advised to look for photos when comparing the description of facilities and rooms provided by the holiday venue.


Once you have come across many holiday venues that meet your requirements and have selected a few that meet your budget, start checking the reviews and ratings they have received from their guests. Going through the reviews is a must-to-do because it tells you about the quality of communication, cleanliness, services, rooms, and other aspects of other people’s good and bad experiences. You may get a better insight into the services and facilities from the reviews provided by other people. That is why ratings and reviews are considered very important as they help you make an informed decision.

Finally, when you find that all the facilities, needs, and reviews indicate that you will have a good time, it is the right place. You can make reservations based on the number of people going with you. Whispering Seas provides spacious, comfortable beach front accommodation for upto 15 guests, with many entertainment facilities to ensure all guests have a memorable lifetime experience.

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March 15, 2021


Everything You Have to Know for Choosing the Ideal Beach Front Rental Accommodation

So you are planning a beach vacation with your close ones but confused about choosing the ideal accommodation that will give the best experience and the activities. It needs to be understood that all holiday rentals are not the same. Hence, to help you make the right selection, check the facts given below before arriving at an informative conclusion.

Find a Room with a View

It   feels good if you can book beach front accommodation, preferably within walking distance of a patrolled beach and a surf club that provides coffee and wine for the daily sundowner. Whispering Seas is located across the road, opposite the surf club, with ocean glimpse through the frontal trees. At night the sound of waves lapping the shore line is a soothing experience, as the sea breeze passes through open bedroom windows.

Beachfront accommodation provides the best view of the world, the beach, and the ocean. So when you want a relaxing view and listen to the ocean waves, select beachfront accommodation. Many family groups select accommodation a long walk from the beach, and often have to drive the last kilometre to the beach. Whispering Seas is beach front, simply walk across Surf Parade and jump into the rolling waves.

The Family Inspired Amenities

In the case of in-room amenities, there are several options to choose from. Complimentary WiFi, is a must for many families. At Whispering Seas there is a TV in every bedroom and reverse cycle air-conditioning. Chromecast is supplied, so watch your favourite series on Netflix.

Furthermore, many holiday accommodation rentals have easy access to vineyards/wineries and golf courses near Inverloch, which is quite an attraction for those who love to play golf when they are in vacation mode. At the same time, you would want to make sure accommodation is kid safe and friendly, since you may be taking your children on tour. Whispering Seas has been specifically setup to be kid-safe with a fully fenced property, high lockable double front gates and safety gates for the internal and rear stairs. Whispering Seas is kid friendly with several dedicated in-door and out-door zones for the kids to play in, with many toys, trikes, bikes and scooters available, plus dartboard, foozball, pool and ping pong tables available in the detached games room.

Easy Access to Dining and Shopping

It is natural that we most like to shop for souvenirs, memorabilia and other necessities whenever we are out traveling. So you would want accommodation that is near to a shopping mall or shops so that you can buy things according to your desires. Whispering Seas   is situated near a scenic, ocean front cycleway which takes you into town 5kms away. The boardwalk is an added entertainment for the family which takes you to a well-equipped family friendly park with BBQ facilities that the whole family can enjoy. Weekend markets at Inverloch with live music in the sound shell are extremely popular.

Select Accommodation that Offers Sports-related Activities

Over time, the quality of rental accommodation and the facilities and services have significantly evolved to a great degree. Like as said before, Whispering Seas has access to golf courses and wineries, with a detached games room containing pool, ping pong and foozball tables, fishing rods, bicycles, boogie boards, trikes, scooters and bikes, plus wet suits and beach boogie boards and more. There are also places for little and big kids, where they can stay happy with different entertaining activities. Board games for all age groups are provided.

Ecofriendly Hotel

In contemporary times, a big concern for several people who care for the environment is choosing accommodation that follows sustainable energy efficient practices. Make sure to travel GREEN, by staying at eco-friendly beach front accommodation. Whispering Seas is powered by 25 roof top solar panels and two large heat pumps provide +500litres hot water using 80% less energy than a normal electric hot water system. This is backed up by a natural gas booster, so as to ensure the hot water temperature remains at a safe non-scalding 55 degrees centigrade. It can signify more than providing organic food choices in the dining area.

Overall, choosing the right accommodation is a significant part of planning the best beach vacation. There are several   beach front accommodation rentals in Inverloch, but you need to remember the factors given above to make the right choice for your needs. The necessary condition to choosing your accommodation is to ensure that it meets your travel requirements. Whispering Seas is located 1.5 hours from Melbourne by a quick drive down the Monash Freeway and Gippsland Highway to Inverloch. Alternatively, a scenic leisurely route can be taken via the windy mountain roads from Grantville. Importantly the venue ought to comfortably accommodate all members of your family reunion. Whispering Seas is unique in that it comfortably accommodates upto 15 guests on the beach front, opposite the Inverloch Surf Club House, where there are safety flags and life guards on patrol during the summer months. This surf club has a deck overlooking the beach, where wines, beer and coffee are served to those enjoying a sundowner.

Also, it is essential to check the reviews and ratings before selecting your accommodation. Whispering Seas quickly achieved super host status with Air BNB and has a 5 star rating, with many highly positive reviews, with guests rebooking their next getaway before departure, a year in advance!

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March 12, 2021


Planning Family Reunions at Inverloch Has Never Been Easier

Family reunions are a great way to reminisce on fantastic memories. While it is easier to stay in touch with loved ones through the internet, families often lose touch for many reasons. Family reunions are an ideal way to make some memories and connect.

Reunions with your loved ones and near ones are fun. Before planning a low cost family reunion in Inverloch, why not learn about some benefits it has to offer?

Reconnect with Your Family Members

Some of your family members may live out of town. There are lots of responsibilities, keeping family members apart from each other. No wonder you want to get together and spend some quality time with your family.

Celebrate a Special Event

Families occasionally reunite to celebrate special events like anniversaries or birthdays. Reunions are a great way to enjoy and relax with the ones you love. Those who were unable to keep in touch with family can enjoy and celebrate special events.

You Have Fun Together

Those who want to go on a trip with their family can indulge in various fun activities together. Whether you are an adult, old or kid, getting to your favourite destination with family can be much fun. You can enjoy games, share food, do unique activities during the whole trip.

Planning Activities

When you are with your loved ones, everything seems perfect. Make your trip more enjoyable by planning some exciting activities, be it outdoor, indoor or adventure.

While planning activities, make sure you keep everyone’s ages and interests in mind. Some prefer to go out on a hike, whereas others may want to stay indoors and relax with a drink.

Some outdoor activities you may want to indulge in:

  • Cycling
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Koalas
  • Swimming

Deciding Your Budget

Having a clear understanding of how much you can pay for your trip is a way to go. Once you know how much you can afford, it is easier to plan your trip. In case you are planning a reunion on a budget, seek off-season discounts.

Choosing a Location

If you are not sure where to have a family reunion, refer to a few ways to decide. First, you want to take your budget into account and your venue’s distance from you and your family. Go for a place that you think offers the most value for what you pay.

Destination reunions are a great way to enjoy quality time. Pick a destination that has something for everyone. It can be a beach town or a mountain retreat. Make sure that you send invitations early for others to plan travel arrangements.

Plan your next family reunion at Inverloch, Victoria. Book Whispering Seas situated on Victoria’s rugged Bass Coast, only 1.50 hours away from Melbourne.

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March 10, 2021


Few Important Things to Consider Before You Start Sailing in Inverloch

Sailing is one of the most incredible experiences that give you the ultimate freedom to explore the sea and outdoors. But, if you plan to do kite surfing, beach sailing, boating in Inverloch for the first time, the attempt can be daunting as you do not know the steps correctly and have not sailed before.

Everyone dreams of sailing off to a distant location, right? Feel the calm wind in the hair, getting the ocean waves’ soft noise. And staying away from civilization, exploring marine life, and capturing a perfect sunset is a lifetime experience.

People go sailing for a wide range of benefits like relaxation, improving health, learning new sailing skills, and getting freedom from the boring regular life. But, similar to the other outdoor activities, there are some crucial points to keep in mind while surfing or sailing. Inverloch is perfect for boating, surfing, fishing, and many other activities that you will enjoy here. Inverloch is just 1.5 hours to 2 hours south of the city of Melbourne. It provides lots of fun activities for the whole family.

Here Are Some of the Important Things to Consider While You Are Starting To Sail In Inverloch Beach:

Knowing the Important Terms

If you have no sailing experience, you will start from scratch and learn how to create everything from the basics. This is something that you should research and study so that you can master the craft of sailing. Some of the critical terms you should keep in mind for beach sailing are aft, port, stern, abaft; bow, starboard, rudder, boom, spars, and tackling. Furl, sheets, jibing, and so on. You might find these terms confusing initially, but you should learn them carefully before you start to sail.

Know-How the Sailboat Works

Most people love to enjoy sailing as the rush is majestic. But, when the newbie sailors come in contact, they know how to deal with the sailboat. Hence, it is essential to see how the bark works to move it in the right way when several sailors surround you.

The sailboat movement process is- when the wind blows over the sail, high pressure is created on one side, and the low pressure is built on the other side. The two types of stress combine to form a forward force. As the wind is moving, it creates drag in the water current, and the sailboats are equipped with keels that generally go under the boat, so it goes forward. It means that when you get on the sailboat, the wind will not just blow in the direction it wants to move, but it controls the sailboat too.

Enrol a Course from a Certified Instructor

Whether you are sailing a dinghy on a lake or going for a sailing adventure more exotic, the basics of sailing are the same. But, just your friend or relative knows how to sail; avoiding the certified sailor’s training is wrong. The certified instructors are the ones who will ensure safety techniques for sailing and help you to know the tricks to take your boat out from the trouble.

Be Strong and Not Be Afraid

The first time you are sailing, you will realize that the whole experience is difficult and scary. Many people who are going to sail for the first time feel hesitant and not comfortable going out. You should know in which direction the wind is blowing, steer correctly, and trim the sail properly.

If you feel what sailing exactly is and explore the Inverloch beach, spend your family vacation at ‘Whispering Seas’ beach front rental accommodation. Some of the nearby activities to try are surfing, boating and  fishing at Inverloch. Jetskiing is very popular at Inverloch, in the estuary and open ocean.

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